Builder Hall 8 Attacking Strategies – Clash Of Clans

Builder Hall 8 Attacking Strategies – Clash Of Clans

The arrival of builder hall 8 was well anticipated however Supercell brought some additional features with it like Super Pekka and Mega Tesla and some other Add-ons.


Builder Hall 8 is now the highest level in Builder Base and with the upgrade, you get the mega tesla, additional Cannon, Double Cannon, Hidden Tesla and a firecracker.

The maxed Builder hall 8 base is as difficult to conquer as Townhall 11 maxed base in the main base. So we will share some attacking strategies which guarantee you 2 stars and the 3rd star will depend on your placement of troops.


The best thing about the Builder base attacks is that you can always customize your army before starting your attack which is a big plus. So following are some of the best Attacking strategies for Builder hall 8.


1) GiBarWi

GiBarWi formation have Barbarians, Giants, Night Witch, Super Pekka and Wall breaker (just in case if your opponent has a close base) and the Battle Machine.

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If the base is close, you will proceed with placing the Giants followed by bombers to destroy the walls. Once the walls are gone, you should release the Pekka followed by Night Witch. Make sure to place her behind Pekka so that she could stay alive for a long time.

Now, wait for The Troops to get into the base and then release the Barbarians, Make sure that you place them in the unit of 3-4 barbarians and so on.

Now keep in mind that you have to destroy the main target so that your other troops could destroy the base so can use your Battle Machine ability on Main Cannon and the Crusher.

If you keep everything right you can easily take 2 stars with this strategy and 3rd star if you place the troops in right place at the right time.



2) WiPe Drop

WiPe Drop is another powerful strategy which can get you 2 stars and 3rd star if you manage to keep the witches alive for a longer period.

You will start the attack by placing the dropship, Battle Machine, and Pekka. Make sure to place the Night Witches behind Battle machine.

Choosing the right side is very important in any strategy, make sure to choose the side where you can give the maximum damage and BH8 bases are tough and if you get the 2 stars in it you did well and you can win the battle.


These are the two best strategies for Builder hall 8, we also tried some other strategies like Night Witches Rush but we were unable to secure two stars in a maxed BH8.



We hope that you liked this Guide if so then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, share your thoughts about the Super Pekka in the comment sections below.


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