Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek PC GAME Free Download

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek PC GAME Free is game developed by the tinyBuild, they have the game for many platforms such as Xbox, PC, PS, Android, and IOS as well.

Recently Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek has been launched on the IOS Appstore but Android users still need to wait for this game, however, you can enjoy the game on your PC for free.

After the successful hit that the Hello Neighbor had gotten, the developers had decided to release a new sequel to the game called Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek which has the same concept but now you will be playing with your brother in a hide and seek game.

This game is actually the prequel to the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor, the game covers the story of what actually happened before the Hello Neighbor story.

It is a really fun and challenging game you will enjoy, the graphics are really good and you can change the resolution of the game to fit your PC needs if you have an older PC with less power.

Check out the Gameplay

The game will work fine then in full-screen mode.

Download Hello Neighbor Hide And Seek PC GAME For Free and PLAY it.

Also, you can download the Hello Neighbor MOD APK for your Android device if you have, and once the Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek releases for the Android platform I will upload it.


1) Download THE Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek ZIP File from the link below

2) Extract it

3) Then navigate to the HideAndSeek folder and Launch the game. That’s it!

Download Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek PC Game ZIP

Screen Resolution Problem? Or Screen is not FIT? Do this…

1) Create a shortcut of the game on your Desktop

2) Now right click on the shortcut icon and go to properties

3) In Target section just add this to the additional text that is already there “-ResX=yourxresolution -ResY=youryresolution -FullscreenMode=1 -Fullscreen” without the quotes and then hit apply and then play the game and it should play fine.


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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