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FORTNITE MOD APK For Incompatible Devices

Fortnite MOD is finally here for the Android device, though the game has not been an official release on the play store you can still download the APK file from our site and play it. Thanks to Royal Gamer for this. Fortnite has been developed and published by Epic Games.

Fortnite APK was previously released for the IOS version and we had some news from Epic Games on when it would be released for the Android devices, it was this summer however there seemed to be a delay.

If this game is outdated, please comment below & let me know so i can update

Fornite is a fun Adventure battling game where you will battle with players around the world in an open world map, you will be dropped from an airplane to a deserted ground. And your goal is to survive and not get killed by your enemies. All players in the game will have the same goal as you.

Search warehouses and buildings to find useful weapons, armor, food, and other items. You can even earn loot from killing other people.  Finding weapons and food is the key to survive, there will be many other players with you in the game. So always keep your eyes open for your enemies as because it is an open world game they will come from anywhere.

It was a huge hit on the PS4 and PC as many people were playing it, launching it on the Android platform will really benefit them as there are over 2 billion Android users around the world.

The Game is a very addicting game, if you have played creative destruction that launched a few weeks back for the Android device then that game was very similar to Fornite.

Overall the game is really good and the performance of the game is also very smooth, you will need Android version 4.0 or higher to run the game. Upon installation of the game, the game will download a DATA of around 2.2GB so make sure you are connected to a strong WIFI to download the game data.

The controls of the game are super good and easy, if you have played this game before on PS4 or PC then you will really love it. The game is buttery smooth on my s9plus.


Game Version: 2.1.1

PlayStore Link: NA

Credits: NA

Installs: NA

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

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Download Fortnite APK For All devices


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

9 thoughts on “FORTNITE MOD APK For Incompatible Devices

  • Dami

  • It is not working and tell when coc th 12 private null come

  • Showing running on 3gb devices but my phone is also of 3gb its not working

  • The game is not working in redmi 4 and tell plz when null coc th 12 update come

    • sorry to hear that, the game works perfectly on the s9 and s8, i have tested on s9plus. About nulls clash the devs had said this week but i am not sure

  • Once inside the game, it says an update is required and takes me to fortnite website . What to do now?

    • the game is working fine, there is no any update. Just hit continue when a pop up shows at the beginning of the game.


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