Royal Ghost 12 Win Challenge Strategy Clash Royale – Full Guide

Clash Royale is one of the best strategic game available and one of the best thing about Clash Royale is its regular updates.

Supercell has brought a new legendary troop in Clash Royale which is very powerful and it’s cost friendly. Royal Ghost unlocks at arena 10 and it cost only 3 Elixir. Clash Royale also brought a Royale Ghost 12 Win challenge.

The first entry in the challenge is completely free and you can earn a handsome amount of gold and cards.


The top prize for winner includes the 11,000 Gold and 550 Cards, Even if you don’t win the challenge you still get 700 Gold and 10 Cards. In this Article, we will give you some tips which you can use to win Royal Ghost 12 win challenge.

Royal Ghost 12 Win Challenge Strategy Clash Royale

Royal Ghost challenge has the mirror battle mode in which both players get the same troops. So if you want to win the battle, you will have to use your cards strategically because your opponent will have the smart card as you.

Following are the best tips for winning the 12 win challenge strategy

1) Keep in mind the card rotation because your opponent has the same troops like yours, in this way you will know what’s coming next and it will be easy to counter it.


2) Elixir Management is the key to win the Royal Ghost challenge, so make sure to have the sufficient elixir to counter your opponent.


3) Keep your strategy simple and effective, if your opponent is countering your all moves then get into mirror mode and start countering all of his moves and in the end, he will make a mistake which you can exploit. This strategy works most of the times.


Here is an example in which blue player was winning the match but only one mistake cost him the match. As you can see, the blue player has got the one princess tower but he forgot to counter the Lava Hound

Royal Ghost 12 Win Challenge Strategy Clash Royale


Red player exploit the mistake of blue player and started the counter-attack. Due to ineffective elixir management, the blue player was unable to counter the red player

Royal Ghost 12 Win Challenge Strategy Clash Royale



Blue player tried to control the damage but it was too late and it cost him one match.

Royal Ghost 12 Win Challenge Strategy Clash Royale

Mirror Challenge Rewards

One-time Awards

  • For 2 wins you will get 500 gold
  • For 4 wins you will get 1000 gold
  • For 6 wins you will get A huge chest
  • For 8 wins you will get Magic Trunk
  • For 10 wins you will get Legendary Chest
  • For 12 wins you will get Legendary card – Royal Ghost

Guaranteed Prizes

  • 700 gold
  • 10 different maps and at least one of them will be rare

Grand Prize

  • 11000 gold
  • 550 different maps, 5 of them will be epic and 55 will be rare



So if you want to win the challenge then make sure to not to repeat the same mistakes. You can afford 2 defeats in the challenge and in 3rd defeat you will lose the challenge. Make sure to follow the tips and remember Elixir Management is the key.

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