Clash Royale Battle Ram – Best Strategies And Tips

Clash Royale Battle Ram – Best Strategies And Tips

Clash Royale have many awesome troops and Battle Ram is one of them. Battle Ram is a special Barbarian unit which carries a big log and dashes toward the towers.

In this guide, we will share some of the best strategies to use the Battle Ram and we will also share some tips.


Battle ram have elixir cost of 4 and it totally justifies his cost. The unit has the charge damage of 716 and DPS of 358 at level 11 which is the highest level for rare troops. Level 11 battle ram have the level 13 barbarians.

Following are some of the best strategies to use Battle Ram.

Battle Ram Solo Attacks

Battle Ram can do the significant damage to the towers in solo attack if your opponent doesn’t counter it. In my experience, I have seen many players who don’t consider battle ram powerful troops and they sometimes don’t bother to counter this unit but these players are in very limited number.

So make sure to have support for your battle ram, you can use arrows, freeze spell or fireball to support your battle ram.


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Battle Ram with Win Conditions

Battle Ram is an offensive unit and it works well when it’s not being attacked especially when they carry a log. So for this purpose win conditions are the best, because win conditions are fast and they give enough time to the Battle ram to charge and hit the tower.

Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, Lumberjack, and Miner are excellent win condition troops and battle Ram work perfectly with them.


Battle Ram with Swarm Units

The main objective of using Battle Ram is to damage the towers using its charge ability and for this purpose you can use swarm troops. If your opponent doesn’t have the powerful spell cards then this strategy works.

For me, this strategy works always as I always compelled my opponent to use the spells you can do so by using the win condition in the start which will compel your opponent to use the spell. So for the next few seconds, you will have the opportunity to attack with this strategy.


Battle Ram with Wizard and other support troops

Battle Ram usually need support for perfect execution and you can do so by using support troops, the ideal support troops for battle ram are wizard and executioner. Wizard and executioner can easily clear the way for battle ram by using their abilities.


Battle Ram with Tanks

Battle Ram work well with Tanks especially Golem, Pekka, Giant and Mega Knight. Tanks provide the perfect cover to the Battle ram for perfect execution of Attack.

There are two ways to execute this strategy. The first way is where you place both tanks and Battle ram side by side. The other way is to place the tank first and then place the battle ram for the attack. 2nd way is more effective as the chance of success is much higher than the first way.


Battle Ram in Defense

Battle Ram is also very effective when you use it for defense. You can see in the picture below I used the battle ram to distract the giant skeleton. This strategy gives time to you to place other troops to defend your towers.

Similarly, you can use this strategy to push the other powerful tanks like Mega Knight. The picture below is the practical example of this strategy.



Following are some good Tips for using the Battle Ram

  • Don’t use the Battle Ram at the start of the battle because once your opponent gets the idea that you have this unit then he will make a strategy to counter it.
  • Always use the support troops or spells with Battle Ram.
  • Battle Ram can be used to counter troops like Prince and mini Pekka.
  • It is a better idea to use the tank or troops like Valkyrie in front of Battle Ram.


Battle Ram is an amazing unit but it also has its weaknesses just like other troops. You can master this unit by practicing it and you can add units in your deck which will complement the weakness of Battle Ram. We hope that you liked this guide and if so then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more guides, until then clash on!


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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