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Clash Royale April Update 2018 – Clan Wars Island Pic

The Clash Royale major update was going to take place last month in March but it was postponed to this month, even though we didn’t have a clear reason to why it happened but as always Supercell likes to give us Surprises.

It’s now Mid-April and all the Clash Royale fans are eagerly waiting for the Clash Royale April Update, we are not sure of the exact date when it’s going to come out and there is no any news from the Clash Royale officials this time because they have said they want to keep it a secret. Usually, they release an update every Mondays so we should expect an update probably next week or the 23rd.


Sneek Peak 19th April 2018

Clash Royale April Update 2018

Just a few hours ago clash royale posted this picture on their official Twitter account, it looks like the first big update is just around the corner and I really think it’s going to be this coming Monday.

As we can see in the picture we have a boat and a new island, and there is a dock, the pathway, the mountains on the site, what do you think it could be? maybe its related to clan wars? it sure is. This is the new island where the clan wars will take place. This picture was also found in the clash royale game files with the title of clan wars, so its obvious that this is the new map for the clan wars.


Leaks 16th April 2018

Just recently there was a leak that there could be a new arena called “Atlantis” and a new game mode called “The king of the hill

The arena and game mode files were found in the game and many users say this information has been out since last year but we wonder why supercell did not introduce it to the game. Anyway, the new arena will have a different logic than the regular arenas and the towers will be placed differently, there is not much information about this, just thought I would give you a heads up about it.

If I find any information about it then I will post it here.

Clash Royale April Update 2018



Now let me give you some of the sneak peeks

1) Clan Wars

It is confirmed that supercell is going to add Clan Wars in clash royale and it is one of the most awaited features as it was one of the biggest success when they released it for Clash Of Clans, I also talked about it in one of my previous post about Clan Wars coming to clash royale.


2) Monkey Card

There are rumors that the Money Card is going to be an upcoming card in Clash Royale and will be released in the upcoming update but it is in no way confirmed, there is an image that has been going around on the internet giving a sneak peek about the card.

Clash Royale April Update 2018


3) Boat

The boat might be an upcoming feature in clash royale but no one is for sure, its said it might have the same concept like in Clash Of Clans that will take you to a different world of Clash Royale, if that is true then it will definitely be huge as I am sure this will open a completely new game in Clash Royale just like how it was in Clash Of Clans.

Also, others have said that the clan wars will take place where the boat will be taking you.


4) Clan Chest

Clash Royale April Update 2018

This has been announced on their official Clash Royale blog that they are removing the clan chest in the next update. Though the rewards from the clan chests will be given from the other feature they are going add.

We built the new feature in a way that allows its rewards to grow bigger. Which means you’ll initially see less rewards, but through playing well and actively, you can get a lot more than what the biggest Clan Chest offered.



5) No Heroes

There won’t be adding any heroes in the next Clash Royale update, many players were waiting for this but unfortunately, this won’t be happening, perhaps the heroes might be added in the next update after this.


6) Mute Button

Clash Royale April Update 2018

This mute button is one of the highly requested features in clash royale, this option will let you mute your opponent in the battle from sending you emojis. I know it really makes you angry when you are losing and your opponent is laughing at you, it makes you do stupid mistakes and you end up losing more and more.




This update will definitely be huge and it is one of the most awaited updates as we last saw a major update in December 2017 where they added new chests, arena, and cards.

There will also be a balance update with the update, many players complained about Clash Royale going down because the only updates they brought was new cards and balance updates.

Let’s hope its something big this time and exciting as Supercell doesn’t want to give any sneak peaks so I am assuming its something exciteful and worth waiting.


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