Clan Wars Coming To Clash Royale – April 2018 Update

Many players were complaining about Clash Royale not having a major update for the past couple months on YouTube which was kind of true because we only got a few of balance updates and new cards but there wasn’t that one big update that brought something new to the game.

The last major update took place in December 2017 where supercell introduced new chests, a new arena, and 2 new cards but after that, it all went down and the overall chart for the players was dropping.

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But but but… Finally, supercell is adding something new to clash royale next month that will completely change the game.

It’s Clan Wars!!!

Yesterday there was a question posted on Reddit which said:

I love this game so much and really Supercell you need to start communicating a little more and at least explain or sneak peak us of the next update so the community can actually look forward to something and generate some hype on the meantime. It really feels stale and repetitive at this moment and I’m just hoping this next coming update addresses some major ideas like clan wars and tournament revamps. I really love your game Supercell but you need to address the community with maybe more transparency and show us where is this game is heading in the future. Thank you for your effort and time as well Supercell this is just my opinion on this matter.

Source Reddit

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Luckily supercell responded to this question saying that there are working on a little feature called “Clan Wars“, now we all know that Clan Wars was one of the best updates that supercell brought in Clash Of Clans back then and many players were really hoping for Supercell to add it in Clash Royale.

It’s good to see Supercell finally adding it to Clash Royale now.


Now it is confirmed that we are going to have a big update next month in Clash Royale with clan wars but the specific date is still unknown. Let me know what do you guys think about clan wars in clash royale and whether you are excited about it or not.


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