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5 Effective Tips To Increase Your Trophies In Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a freemium Strategy game by Supercell, and it is one of the trending game on both IOS and Android.

In this article, I will tell you the 5 effective tips which will help you to increase the trophies in the clash Royale.

Trophies are important in the Clash Royale as they unlock the different Arenas for you which leads to more powerful and legendary cards. Following are the 5 best and Effective Tips for Clash Royale


1) One On One Battles

The only way to increase trophies in the clash Royale is to win the one-on-one battles, and for that, the first component is to have the good deck.

Usually, many players misunderstood the Good deck, they think to have troops with high cost, and high damage makes the deck good. WRONG!

A good deck have the cost-effective troops on the deck, sparky is a powerful card, but when you see the success factor of Sparky it is less than 20%.

In my whole experience, I have seen only a few players playing the sparky in right way so you even if you are using the high-cost cards, Master them.

Here are some balance decks, you can check some other powerful decks on our website for each arena.

5 Effective Tips To Increase Your Trophies In Clash Royale

5 Effective Tips To Increase Your Trophies In Clash Royale


2) Practice Your Deck

The Next tip is to practice your deck, play with the same deck multiple times, and if you think there is room for improvement replace the less important card, you can read the post about the ideal deck on our website.

The best way to practice with your deck is the team battles, team battles are wonderful, even if you lose the battles, you will not lose your trophies, and you will learn a lot from your opponents and your companions.


3) Low Cost Cards

The next most important tip is to have at least low-cost card in your deck, I have seen players losing the battles just because of this single mistake, they ignored the importance of having the troops like Goblins, skeleton army, fire spirits and ice spirits.

Apparently, these cards are not that powerful but the thing which we ignore is their cost, these cards are very effective.

All of these cards become super effective when they counter the tanks especially the skeleton army and goblins. They take the hit from the tanks like Pekka and sparky and save your towers so make sure to have one of them in your deck.

If you don’t want to have them, then use the building instead. As you can see, in the above decks, we used some low-cost troops.

5 Effective Tips To Increase Your Trophies In Clash Royale


4) Elixir Management

The next effective tip is the elixir management; elixir management is the core part of the strategy, if you don’t do the elixir management right you will lose the war there is no way around.

So make sure to manage the elixir right. The best way to do the elixir management is the Elixir tracking, always keep an eye on your elixir bar and the next troops in line.

You should have two points in mind, the first should be the defense and the second should be the attack. If you successfully foil the attack immediately launch the attack.

5 Effective Tips To Increase Your Trophies In Clash Royale

Now I countered the barbarians using my mega knight and started the counter-attack with my Witch. Similarly, you can counter the troops using your minions, goblins to counter the troop and then place the other troops in front of them to start the counter-attack.

5 Effective Tips To Increase Your Trophies In Clash Royale


5) Good Strategy

The final tip will be to have a good strategy in mind, and you should be able to apply it in the game. For example, inferno dragon is pretty powerful and it is widely used in the game so you should have some good card in your deck to counter this kind of troops.



You can use cards like freeze spell, zap spell, fireball or any building to counter this kind of HP troops.

5 Effective Tips To Increase Your Trophies In Clash Royale



So these are the 5 effective tips to increase your trophies in clash Royale. Please do let us know what you think about these strategies in the comment section also share it with your friends.


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