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Win Versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Barbarians

Barbarians are the Hot-heads, and they can clear of the base like no one. Barbarians are still one of the most used strategies in versus battles.

There could be many reasons for using them, but the reason I see is that they are the first troop to max out and reach their full potential.

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So if you know the right way to use the barbarians, they can win you battles. I will tell you the way to win battles in builder hall using Barbarians and will also tell you some ground rules of using them.

Barbarians are ground unit which is fast, and they attack the single target at a time. Barbarians raged ability unlock at level 2.

Barbarians at their full glory which is level 14 have the damage per second of 89 and have the hit points of 266. At max level, their rage duration is 12 seconds.


Here are the ground rules which you should consider, when you plan to use the barbarians for your attack.

  • Never ever place your Barbarians at once, place them strategically according to your strategy.
  • Giant Bomb, Crusher, and Roasters are not good for barbarians and can hurt them, so you should consider taking care of them while making your strategy.
  • Walls can slow down the barbarians, so take care of walls.


Now you know the ground rules of using Barbarians. Before is start with the strategies, I want to clear the common misconception about the barbarians, barbarians are hot-heads, but you are not.

Many players usually misunderstand the term “Mass Barbarians” and the place all barbarians at once in the battle, now this can help you at starting levels but on the mid to high levels this will get you 0 stars, and you can’t win the battles.

I will tell you about the barbarians formations which you can use to win the battles.


Barbarians with Battle Machine

This formation is the most effective Barbarian formation. You will also have some Bombers with you to facilitate your army in pushing, the addition of Battle machine will be a huge plus.

You will start the attack with battle machine and couples of barbarians, you will send in more barbarians when the first ones die, the idea is to save your troops from splash damage.

However, if you have the strong barbarian +11 level you can also use them first according to the base. in my case, I used the barbarian first, place the few barbarians and then place the bombers to break the wall.

Win Versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Barbarians


Once the defenses with splash damage are terminated, you can send in the Barbarians. To take care of crusher, you can use the 1 2 formations, in which you will send the 1 barbarian, crusher will crush him and take the time of 3.5 seconds, and you will use that window to destroy the crusher. You can use the 1,2 formation for all barbarian formations.

Win Versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Barbarians


Also keep in mind to keep few barbarians for the end of the battle, once you are done with crushers, place the rest of the barbarians.

Win Versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Barbarians


In this attack, I was able to secure 3 stars.

Win Versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Barbarians


Barbarians with Cannons, Bombers & Battle Machine

This formation is also very effective, it is kind of iteration to the first formation. In this formation, you will follow the same rules like the previous formation “Hold the barbarians until crushers are gone”.

You will start the attack by placing the battle machine, followed by cannons and Bomber. Keep placing barbarians on opposite sides of the crushers to speed up the attack.

Once crushers are destroyed, place the rest of the barbarians. You can easily get 2 stars, using this battle formation in high Townhalls.

Win Versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Barbarians



Barbarian formations are successful if you execute them right, just like all other formations. Barbarians are at max level can make an impact at these formations and success rate will be higher will if you use them. Do let us know what you think about these formations in the comment section.


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