Win Versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Baby Dragon

Win Versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Baby Dragon

Baby Dragons are a very controversial troop, like many players complain that they don’t find the Baby Dragon Useful and their attacks always fail, on the Other hand, some players solely use the baby dragons for their attacks and get 2 or 3 stars.

I will you about the builder hall attacking strategies with Baby dragons and also tell you about the common mistakes people do. So this article is the ultimate guide about how to use baby dragons for your attacks.


Before we start with the attacking strategies, let me tell you about the troop itself and which things you should look for when using the baby dragons for the attack.

Baby Dragon is an air troop with the Damage per second of 40 at level 1. Baby dragon at its max level does a Damage of 70 per second.

Now here is the twist which very few people know like many other troops baby dragons also have the special ability which unlocks at level 2 which gives a damage of 56.

At level 14 which is maxed level for the baby dragon, it gives the damage of 168. Baby dragons use their ability when there is no air troop around, so we will design our strategies in a way to maximize the ability of baby dragon.


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Baby dragons have the ability to give damage and get you stars, but like all other troops, baby dragons have their weakness. So here are the defenses you should look for when using Dragons for attack

  • Air Bombs are very effective against the baby dragons, and Air bombs should be your priority in planning your attack strategy.
  • Firecrackers are a secondary threat to your baby dragon squad, so you should also take care of them.
  • Archer tower in fast mode is as effective as a firecracker, so if you can take out the archer towers, it will be a big plus.


Common mistakes people make is to place all baby dragons at once. This approach is wrong, and It is the reason why people don’t get even 3 stars.

Now baby dragons are very effective troops if you know how to use them. Baby dragons guarantee you 3 stars up to level 5 builder hall and 2 stars on level 6 builder hall and above.

You can get the 3 stars at level 6, but you will need the max or at least level 9+ baby dragons and level 6+ battle machine.


BatDag Battle Strategy

BatDag is the most used Baby Dragons strategy in a clash of clans. This strategy includes the Battle Machine and Baby Dragons, you can also use one unit of Archers to support the Battle Machine.

Air Defense is the main threat to the Baby Dragons so make sure to destroy them first. Archer’s tower will be the 2nd priority.

Before starting the attack, make sure to mark your targets and start the match. In my case, my opponent exposed the air defense so I used Baby dragons to target the air defense and battle machine to target the Archer Towers.


In my case, air defense was exposed that’s why I directly used the baby dragons if your opponent has protected the air defense then make sure to use the battle machine to destroy the air defenses.


Once you destroy the air defenses, place all baby dragons and they can clean the base.


BatDag is very effective, however, if you have the Night Witches, you can also use one unit of Night Witches to make this strategy more effective.


However, you can also get 100% destruction using the Baby Dragons and Battle Machine if you keep the placement right.



You can also use other strategies like Baby Dragons with minions, Baby Dragons with Cannon Cart but BatDag is the most effective strategy for Baby Dragons. Please do let us know what you think about this strategy in the comment section below.


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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