Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies for 2018 – Clash Of Clans

Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies for 2018 – Clash Of Clans

Farming is not an impossible task and with little dedication, you can farm any resource you want. I have seen many guides where they tell weird techniques for farming. I will not get into this and will directly go to share some best strategies which you can use for farming.

Before we get into strategies let me share some ground rules which I think they are necessary for farming “right” in a clash of clans.


Dedication is the first rule in farming, if you are into farming you have to show dedication. You will have to re-design your base layout to achieve the max results and also you will need to have the custom battle strategy.

Motivation is the 2nd rule of farming, the strategies we going to use here are cheaper and effective but not always you will get your desired result. So you need to stay motivated to achieve your target.

Consistency is the 3rd rule which is very important. You need to give at least 3-4 hours daily to Clash of clans to get the desired results.


What are dead bases and how to find them?

In spite of the fact that clash of clan algorithm is hiding the dead bases from the search but still there are thousands of bases out there which you can use to get the resources with minimal resistance.

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Dead bases are abandoned bases which apparently look like this.


Once you have detected the base look for signs if its th10 base you will look for the inferno towers. If they are black then it means they are dead.

Moreover, you will look for tombstones if the base has tombstones and player league sign is empty it shows that the base is empty.

You will not need to lower your trophies to get the dead bases however lower leagues have high chances of getting dead bases, in my experience, I have got many dead bases in crystal league.

Best Loot Farming Strategies for 2018

As I said above that I will share some good cheap farming strategies for you guys. Dead Bases are the best source of resources with minimal resistance so I will suggest you to look for them and then execute your attacks.

The first strategy we are going to share here is the Archers attack. This kind of attack is very popular in Th3-6 and you can get enough resources using this battle formation. Archers are fast and they are best of snipping. If your targeted base has the resources outside the walls then you can use the archers for resources.


2nd Strategy is the GiBArch battle strategy which is also pretty effective at Th3-Th8. You can get all resources and also some stars using this battle formation.


Make sure to place the giants in a line so that they could provide the cover to the archers. Never place all troops at once, place them in layers.


Goblin Knife is the 3rd Battle formation which is widely used in high tier Townhalls for Loot. This battle strategy is very cheap and effective at the same time. The prime purpose of using this strategy is to snipe the resources.


In this strategy you don’t go for the resources at once, you will place some archers with some Goblins to get the resources.


You will repeat the process for all storages.


The final strategy is a Lavaloon Strategy which is also one of the best strategies to use for farming. This strategy is very effective and you can get the 3 stars from this strategy.


As you can see in the picture, Lava hound is leading the way and all balloons are behind him. You can read the full Lavaloon strategy guide on our website.



Farming is not an impossible task and I hope that you will follow this guide to get the maximum results. Also, visit our website for more strategies and guides. Please do let us know what you think about this guide in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more exciting content, until then, clash on!


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