Trap Upgrading Guide Townhall 2018 – Clash Of Clans

Traps are an essential part of Townhall and in this article, I will tell you how you can upgrade your Traps effectively.

This guide will cover all the traps in Townhall so no matter who you are, newbie or Pro Player this guide will help you in COC.


Traps are the most underrated items in Clash of Clans and not many players understand the importance of it. If you are a newbie and just starting playing the Clash of Clans remember that Traps are very important, they can turn the tide in your favor within seconds.


What trap upgrades are useful?

Before we get into this discussion let me say it loud and clear that all traps are important and those who know the importance of traps get the full benefit of them.

I will discuss all the traps type one by one and tell you about their importance and how they can be useful.


Hidden Bombs

Trap Upgrading Guide Townhall 2018

Hidden Bombs are not that effective like Giant Bomb but they are very useful if your opponent is using the mass army.

The best position to keep the hidden bombs is near the resource storage as many opponents use the Goblin army for strategic attacks and get your resources.

So it’s better to keep your little-hidden bombs around the Storage. Single hidden bomb can’t kill them but if you place multiple bombs together then you can kill the goblins.

Pro Tip: Always place the Resource Storage in the range of at least one defenses who have splash damage like Wizard Tower and Mortar.


Spring Traps

Trap Upgrading Guide Townhall 2018

Spring traps are also very effective against Giants which are used widely in low to mid-level Townhalls. If you are lower Townhall player then you can use these spring traps to target the Giants.

If you are high-level Townhall then you can use them in the 2nd circle after the inner circle as most of the tanks die reaching the core of the base and most of the troops divert so can use your spring traps to counter them.

Pro Tip: Spring Traps are the best against Hog Riders and Giant which both target the defenses so it is good practice to set the spring traps around the defenses.


Giant Bomb

Trap Upgrading Guide Townhall 2018

Giant Bomb is the best trap in Clash of Clan. It has the ability to foil any poorly executed attack single-handedly. Giant Bomb is very powerful so its placement can vary from player to player.

I always keep the Giant Bombs at the weak points of my base, every base has its weakness and the best way to know your base weakness is to watch the attack replays on your base and cover that weakness with Giant Bomb.

You can also use it in the core of the base to give the final knock to opponent’s tanks.

Pro Tip: Create Strategic gaps of the size of a Giant Bomb in the base and put the giant bombs in few of them. It will confuse your opponent.


Air Bombs

Trap Upgrading Guide Townhall 2018

Air Bombs are very effective against the troops with low Hitpoints like Minions and Balloons. You can use them in the multiple points like in the core of the base where you can use them to give a final knock to your opponent’s air troops or point where your opponent can snipe your ground defenses with air troops.

Pro Tip: Use Air Bombs in the core of the base because it is the point where you can get the maximum benefit of them.


Seeking Air Mine

Trap Upgrading Guide Townhall 2018

Seeking Air Mine is most powerful Air trap and it can take out the Level 20 Grand Warden (Air Mode). Seeking Air Mine only target troops like Lava Hounds, dragon and Grand Warden in Air Mode.

Overall the best position for Seeking Air Mine is at the core of the base. Seeking Air mine is little expensive to upgrade but it worth its price.



Skeleton Traps

Trap Upgrading Guide Townhall 2018

Skeleton Traps is a very effective trap and always use the skeleton trap in air mode because it is like the mini clan castle and it can give you huge benefit against attacks like mass Balloons raid etc.



Upgrading Traps is a long process but these traps worth the upgrade. All traps are effective and if you place them in the best position they can defend your village.

Please do let us know what you think about this guide in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more exciting guides and clash on!


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