Trader Guide – Get The Best Deals – Clash Of Clans

Trader is the new guy in the Clash of Clans who offer the different deals to Chiefs and you can sometimes get very good deals from Trader. In this Guide, we will focus on the deals and will tell you which deal is best for you.


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Trader was announced a few weeks back and it offers different magical items for Gems. Sometime Generous Trader also offer free deals for the chiefs so make sure to visit the Trader off and On.

I also noticed that Trader often give the first item on the list for free after few days. When I visited the Trader shop, he was offering The training potion for 25 Gems.

Trader Guide - Get The Best Deals - Clash Of Clans


When I visited the shop the next day, I got the Training potion for free so you can get the idea by visiting the trader that what item you will get free.

Trader Guide - Get The Best Deals - Clash Of Clans


How to choose the best deal?

Many People have asked me how to choose the best deal. So I did little research and found some best deals for you Guys. I have categorized the deals into two Parts, the Good Deals, and the Bad Deals.

Good Deals

1) Training Potion is Available for 25 Gems and usually, it takes up to 55 Gems to boost the training in your Townhall so, in my opinion, it is a good deal.

2) Book of Heroes is Available for 500 Gems and it can save you from the hectic period of upgrading your Heroes. Usually, it takes more than 900 Gems to upgrade your Heroes so Book of Heroes is an excellent item.

However, if you are low-level town player you don’t need it and if you are the high-level player you can use this item and it is a Good Deal.

3) Book of Fighting, Spells, Building, Everything will cost you 925 Gems and if you are the high-level player you should get these items from Trader to boost the productivity.


Bad Deals

1) Ring of Walls is another item offered by Trader and in my opinion, it is not a good deal as you have to use 200 gems to get the Ring of Walls.

So let do the math, normally it require 1 ring to upgrade wall level 1-8 where you will need 2 rings to Upgrade level 10 walls and so on.

So technically you are paying 200 Gems to upgrade the one piece of wall which is not an equitable trade. So it’s a Bad deal.

2) Resource Potion is Available for 115 Gems which is very costly in my opinion as you can get up to 4 Resource Potions from the clan games.

3) Builder Potion is Available for 285 Gems which is still very expensive. However, if your Builders are busy and you are Townhall 5-7 player then you can buy it however if you don’t have Gems you can get the Builder Potion from Clan Games.


How to get Free Magical Items without Spending Gems

Gems are very rare and you have to complete achievements to get the Gems so I would suggest not to waste your Gems by buying the items when you can get them for free.

Join an Active Clan and be Part of Clan Games. As you can with an active clan and performing challenges you can save your precious Gems and get the Magical Items for free.

Trader Guide - Get The Best Deals - Clash Of Clans


Items you should get from Trader

  • Training Potion
  • Book of Heroes
  • Building Potion
  • Book of Fighting/Building/Spells

Items you should get from Clan Games

  • Training Potion
  • Book of Heroes
  • Building Potion
  • Book of Fighting/Building/Spells/Everything
  • Ring of Walls
  • Resource Potion
  • Gems & Loot (if your magical items limit is full in the clan castle)

While Choosing the Items, make sure to check the items storage capacity in clan castle as you can only save 1 book of a certain type and 5 potions at a time.

Trader Guide - Get The Best Deals - Clash Of Clans




Every player has its own priorities, for example, I always go for Resource Potions and Books because they serve me well. I’m currently maxing my base so I need a lot of Elixir and Gold to upgrade my base so I always use the Resource Potions.

So it’s up to you which resource you choose, however, I hope that you will find the above-mentioned information useful for you. If you liked the article please do share it with your clan mates and clash on!!


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