Townhall 9 Strongest Base Layouts – Clash Of Clans

Townhall 9 is one of the most competitive Townhall levels in a clash of clans and you see pretty amazing layouts from clashers at this level. I have picked some of the strongest Townhall 9 base layouts for you. The layouts which I selected are strongest ones, your opponent will have to come up with the best strategy to get 3 stars from these bases.

The first layout is the iteration of Multi-layered Box design and it is my favorite design. This base design is easy to implement and its unique design makes it impossible for your opponent to guess the positions of Traps.

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We have the placed the clan castle along with Townhall in the center so it will be difficult for your opponent to lure the clan troops out of clan castle. Funneling in this layout is also very difficult and this base design can also handle the notorious Mass Hog Riders attack, we have placed the giant bombs at the possible hot spots to protect the base from mass ground attacks.

We also have placed the Pekka-360 strategy to protect our base against mighty Pekkas. Overall this base is effective and can save your trophies and resources.

Townhall 9 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans


The 2nd base design is also very good base design and it has proven its effectiveness over the time. This base layout is designed with the aim to provide equal protection against air and ground attacks. we have placed the X-bows at the center, well protected by storages as storages have high hit points.

In the 2nd layer we placed the air defenses and mortars and In the 3rdlayer, we have placed the other defenses. These box design layouts are very effective and it is the reason why you will see these design very often during your search.

These base designs can handle almost every type of attack and winning 3 stars at these bases are kind of difficult. Overall these base design is perfect and if you don’t like the other base designs, try this design, I’m sure you will love it.

Townhall 9 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans


This is Semi-open box design layout which is used to counter the Tanks based attack, In this attack, we have placed the strategic gap between walls to direct the tanks to follow these gaps instead of getting into the core of the base.

Funneling in this base design is difficult unless your opponent comes with dozens of wall breakers. Air defenses are under the range of all defenses so sniping air defenses are also not easy in this layout.

In the 2ndlayer, we have placed the storages to protect the X-bows. Overall this base design is unique and I recommend this base design.

Townhall 9 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans



These base layouts are the strongest layouts for Townhall 9, however, we will suggest you change the position of traps and also play with the base design to make it unique for yourself. If you liked this post then make sure to leave us a comment in the comment section also visit our website for more base layouts and tips & tricks.


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