Townhall 12 And Builder Hall 8 In COC Update Leaks

So Supercell had recently released the new update for Clash Of Clans but apart from the usual improvements, Halloween events and troops there wasn’t anything much than that.

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Though the update was amazing specially the new Halloween obstacle (Make sure you keep one of them on the side of your base as they won’t appear again after the halloween is over)



Many players have already maxed out their bases and are waiting for the new levels in both Townhall and Builder base which will bring more exclusive levels to each individual buildings and perhaps troops.

Although many players have maxed out their bases, there are many more who are still struggling to get their Townhall and Builder hall level to the max.


There were also some leaks of the Townhall 12 design and how it would look like but nothing is official confirmed

Townhall 12 And Builder Hall 8 Update Leaks

So what does Supercell have to say about this update leaks?

Actually few days back there was a thread that was created on the official Supercell forum regarding this topic and whether the update would take place this year, in that question many argued about the update but one of the Supercell Moderator left this answer:

I highly doubt it. I expect we will see BH8 in the early months of 2018, and I also expect we will see Town Hall 12 in 2018. I do not think more Builder Hall levels will be developed until after Town Hall 12.


Now even though this answer was given by a Supercell moderator who has nothing to do with the development of the game we can’t really be for sure if the above statement is true or not but assuming it’s from a Supercell employee maybe there is some truth in it. Only time can tell.



Many are still arguing about this update and the release date and who knows it might even be at the end of this year as Supercell always have surprises for us on Christmas or perhaps the beginning of 2018.

Even if they don’t bring this update on Xmas we should still expect some surprises from Supercell on that special day as each year they do bring updates before the end of the year.

There isn’t more information on the internet as for now but i will sure keep you updated with new leaks and updates that come out or the official confirmed news from Supercell. Stay tuned!


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  • nice keep it up thanks for the leaks

  • please remove second pic of th12.. it is impossible seee the dimension of it which is 8 and 6 while townhall dimension is 6 and 6 so that pic is wrong and above is too wrong because it is th10 with change in color

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