Townhall 10 Strongest Base Layouts – Clash Of Clans

Townhall 10 is 2nd highest level in the clash of clans and after recent adjustments, Townhall 10 has become more interesting.

Now level 6 Pekka is available at Townhall 10 instead of Townhall 11 and Inferno tower’s damage has also been increased so we thought we should share the latest base layouts with you after these adjustments.

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In this guide, we will share some strongest Base layouts which can defend your trophies as well as your resources.


The first base layout is the finest base layout at TH10. We have placed the clan castle in the center so your opponent can’t lure the troops out of clan castle until he starts the full attack. in the 2ndlayer, we have placed the Air defenses, archer towers and x-bows to defend the base.

2 sub boxes are defending the Inferno towers which are one of the main defenses at this level and these are very effective against powerful troops like Pekka, Golem, and Dragons.

We have also implemented the Pekka-360 which is the very effective strategy against funneling especially Pekka Attacks. If you are looking for the solid base you should go for this base

Townhall 10 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans


2nd base is kind of Hybrid base layout which protect your resources and trophies at the same time.

This base design has proved its effectiveness over the time. This base design gets the troops between the two sub boxes where it comes under the range of all defenses and boom.

Even if your opponent tries to funnel into the base, his troops will eventually come to the defined path and they will get damaged. I also tested this base design and opponents were unable to get 2 stars from this base design, air attacks are also not effective against this base layout.

If you want a hybrid base, go for this base layout.

Townhall 10 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans


The 3rd base layout is also a hybrid base layout which features the unique asymmetrical base design which is very effective especially with tanks and air attacks. Its asymmetrical design also makes it difficult to funnel.

In this layout, we have protected the Townhall and Dark Elixir storage by placing the X-bows and towers. We have placed the giant bombs at the potential hot spots from where your opponent can launch the attack.

Overall this base design is perfect and I have also tested this design, your opponents will need a very solid strategy to get 3 stars from this base design.

Townhall 10 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans



These base layouts are the strongest layouts for Townhall 10, however, I would suggest to play with these layouts and make the changes according to your experience.

I would also suggest changing the position of traps as you are not the only one who will see these layouts. If you liked this guide then don’t forget to share it with your clan mates also let us know what you think about these layouts in the comment section below.


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