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Top Tips & Tactics for Every Clasher 2019 – Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans has been around for more than 5 years, and I have been playing clash of clans for more than 4 years so basically I’m in a position to give you some best tips which I observed and followed over the years.

In this article, I will share some tips and tactics for every clasher.

Attacking Tips

1) Never start your attack without a strategy, you have 30 seconds to plan your attack so use that 30 seconds effectively and if you think that you can’t get at least 2 stars from the base then move on to another base.

2) Always lure the castle troops out of the castle and kill them.

3) Never put your all troops at once, always use the clear squad to clear the way for your main squad. The clear squad can have 2 Giants, 4 Wizards, and 4 Wall Breakers.

4) Always use the spells in your attacks, spells are the only way to support your troops during the attack so use them.

Defending Tips

1) Always design your own base, don’t copy it from the internet, you can get inspiration from the internet but make sure to change the design accordingly.

2) Always place the Clan Castle in the center of your base.

3) Always use the compact base design like small boxes design or anti-funneling design in your base.

4) If you have the inferno tower, put it into multi-mode.

5) Always use the Hidden Teslas near the place where they can give the maximum damage. 15 Tiles radius around the Townhall is the best area where you can put your hidden Teslas because when troops get near the core of the base they usually lose much of their health and hidden Teslas are the best defense to welcome them in the core of the base.

6) Upgrade your traps especially the Giant Bombs and air mines.

Farming Tips

1) Always lower your league if you want your resources to be safe, it won’t save your base from the attacks, but your base will be attacked by low-level players which you can defend.

2) You can save the resources like the dark elixir and Elixir by putting the related troops on the training queue, and if you want to cash your resources you can simply remove them, and you will get your resource back.

3) Always put your resource collectors in the core of the base so that you could protect them.

4) Always customize your base design to protect the particular resource.

5) You can only save one resource at a time so don’t try to save all resources at the same time.

Upgrading Tips

1) Never move on to next Townhall without maxing out your current Townhall. The players who rush to upgrade their Townhall suffer in the end when they encounter the strong bases, and they also can’t defend their base because of a weak defense.

2) Never waste your Gems on the frequent upgrades. Always use the gems to upgrade your Townhall only.

Clan War Tips

1) Always scout the base before starting the attack.

2) Never attack the base without a proper plan.

3) If you got your base design from the internet, then make sure to change the placements of the traps.

4) Donate the strongest troops to clan mates in war castle.


I hope these tips will be helpful to you. If you want to read more about the clash of the clan you can read the relevant articles on our website. Don’t forget to share this article with your other clasher friends.


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