Tips To Win Clan Games Ultimate Guide – How To Get Highest Rewards

Clash of Clan is one of the most popular game by Supercell and Supercell has recently introduced Clan Games which are just awesome.

Clashers get the rewards for completing different challenges in the clan games and in return they get different resources and magic items. We have discussed the magic items in our recent article so make sure to check it.

In this article, I will share some tips which you can use in Clan games to get the maximum rewards.


Clan games are not like wars in which you participate against other clans to win the wars. Supercell is planning to expand the clan wars and competition will be between different clans but for now, clan games are among the clan members.


In Clan Games, you will have to complete different challenges and these challenges will be available to all of your clan mates simultaneously and if you pick one challenge it will remove from the list and new challenges will take its place.

Tips To Win Clan Games Full Guide - How To Get Highest Rewards

When you pick one challenge, you will get the time limit in which you will have to complete your challenge if you want you can also trash your challenge but if you do it you will have to wait for few minutes to pick another challenge.

Similarly, if you trash your next challenge too then the cool down time will be longer.


Tips To Win Clan Games Full Guide - How To Get Highest Rewards

I have picked the Lord of Destruction Challenge in which I will have to get 100% destruction from multiplayer battle and I have to complete this challenge in 8 Hours.

If I complete the challenge I will get the 100% which will be added to my clan pool.


Challenges in clan games are just like your regular battles, the only difference is you will have to complete the certain defenses or target.

Like in “Lord of Destruction” I have to get the 100% destruction in total from different multiplayer battle. So I picked a Townhall base and started my attack from the right side


Tips To Win Clan Games Full Guide

Try to funnel your troops into the base. You can read the details about how to funnel your troops in the base. Boost your troops with your spells and try to get the maximum stars.


Tips To Win Clan Games Full Guide

Don’t forget to take your heroes in the battle as your heroes can be a huge advantage in the battle.


Tips To Win Clan Games Full Guide

In the attack, I got 99% damage and I completed my challenge of 100% destruction.


Tips To Win Clan Games Full Guide

When you will complete your challenge you will get the points which will be added to clan point pool and your individual point pool and you will get the reward at the end.


Tips To Win Clan Games Full Guide



Tips to get the Highest Rewards in Clan Games

1) Motivate your clan members to participate in the clan games. As an incentive, you can promote them for participating in the clan games.

2)  If you think you can’t complete a challenge, don’t worry just trash it and move on, there are loads of challenges which you can complete easily.

3) If you have high Townhall then make sure to choose the challenges with high points.

4) Leave the easy challenges for your low-level players and also ask your clan members to choose the challenges according to their levels.

5) If you want to win the magic item then make sure to get the max number of points as these points will get you into different tiers. So if your clan have the high number of points then you can win the magic items.



Clan Games are the best way to win the resources and clan games are pretty easy as compared to clan wars. Supercell is also planning to take clan game to next level in which two clans will participate in the clan games.

Please make sure to check other posts on our website and don’t forget to share these tips with your clan mates.


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