LavaLoonion Attacking Battle Strategy Full Guide – Clash Of Clans

Clash of clans is a diverse game and beauty of the game lies in the strategy. It allows the players to formulate different strategies which can give then edge over other players.

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In this Guide, I will share the Lavaloonion Attacking strategy and how you can use it to get the 3 stars in a clash of clans.


Lavaloonion attacking strategy use the 3 main troops, Lava Hound, Balloons, and Minions. As you know that in Lava hound target the air defense and Balloons target the defenses, so the main purpose of this strategy is to eliminate the threat and then clear the base. Minions are vulnerable but they are also very powerful.

First of all, you will need the Lavaloonion Army and you can have multiple combinations. Different combinations can have a different approach, as you can see my battle formation have 2 Lava hounds, 17 Minions, and 25 Balloons. In spells, I selected 3 heal spells, 1 rage spell, and 1 earthquake spell.

I also had the Pekka and few wizards in the clan castle. You can also choose the lightning Spells or whatever spell suits you.

LavaLooNion Attacking Battle Strategy Full Guide

The First step is choosing the right side, the main step of any battle strategy is choosing the right side. As Lavaloonion is a pure Aerial Attacking strategy so our focus is those defensive buildings which can hurt our main troops so for this we have lava hounds which will focus the Air defense.


LavaLooNion Attacking Battle Strategy Full Guide

Always start the attack by putting some Balloons then followed by Lava Hounds, make sure to have the Healing spell ready as lava hounds will directly go toward the core of the base where defense is pretty strong.

The next step will be to put more Balloons with more minions, never put all the Balloons at once, put them in the form of small units.

As you can see in the picture, I didn’t put all the balloons at once and placed them in small units which make them more effective.



LavaLooNion Attacking Battle Strategy Full Guide

When your troops entered the core of the base, use the mighty rage spells as there are normally Hidden Teslas in that area, luckily hidden Teslas in this base were under development but you should count them in and make a proper plan for them as they can be dangerous for your troops.

Also with rage spell, place the rest of the units in the Townhall and support the remaining troops with your spells.


LavaLooNion Attacking Battle Strategy Full Guide

As the specialty of Lavaloonion is the termination of defense so your squad will finish the defenses first and then they will clear the rest of the base.

Balloons have high damage so they can clear the base with minions in just a few seconds. Also, make sure to use your heroes in your attacks.

You can use them with your main attack or you can use them, in the end, to clear the base for you. I would suggest you use them in the end as they can be more effective at the end.


LavaLooNion Attacking Battle Strategy Full Guide

If you follow these simple steps and choose the right side then no one can stop you from getting the 3 stars. The 3rd star will depend on your troop’s placement and your timing. Make sure to support your troops using your spells as spells are the only way to support your troops in the battle.

LavaLooNion Attacking Battle Strategy Full Guide



Lavaloonion is a powerful attacking strategy used by the top player. If you want to master this strategy then make sure to practice it in your attacks.

Clash of clans is also kind enough to bring an event especially for this formation as you can train the Lavaloonion Army at a discounted cost. So make sure to take the full benefit of this offer.

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