Lavaloon 3 Star Attack Strategy – Clash Of Clans


Lavaloon 3 Star Attack Strategy – Clash Of Clans

Lavaloon is one of the effective battle formations in a clash of clans and if you follow all the rules you can easily get 3 stars using this strategy. In this Guide, we will tell you how you can get 3 stars using this strategy.


The lavaloon battle formation has Lava Hounds and Balloons in the formation along with some other supporting troops such as minions.

You can take any spell you want but as both lava hounds and balloons are slow so to overcome this flaw you can use rage spell and in the supporting troops you can take minions or wizards to finish the job.

In my attack, I used 22 Balloons, 3 lava hounds, 10 minions, King, Queen and 5 rage spell.


The first rule of any battle is to choose the right side. Ride side is always crucial because it can either win you the battle or you lose the battle.

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I started my attack from the upper right corner because all three defenses are on that side and if I could take them I can easily destroy the base.


I deployed my lava hounds followed by Balloons.


As there was three air defense in the vicinity I used rage spell to support my balloons.


Once air defense is gone It was all like a cake and my balloons started destroying other defenses.


In the meantime, I deployed minions to destroy the rest of the buildings.


You can also use other strong troops like wizards or even hog riders to clear the base but I would recommend you to use the minions because they are much faster and if you use ground troops they can come across the ground traps.


As you can see I was able to destroy all base but I lacked in time management I got 2 stars with 99% damage.


Even I got 2 stars but I was able to get the pretty awesome loot.




As you can see in the above demonstration that Lavaloon strategy is pretty strong and the only problem you will face is the time management, so following are the tips you should follow if you are using Lavaloon strategy.

  1. Always deploy the lava hound first and immediately deploy few balloons, then after 2 seconds deploy the other balloons. In this way, the first few balloons will clear the way for you by taking hits from air traps if there are any.
  2. Always choose the side where you can easily take out the maximum number of air defense.
  3. Lavaloon is effective but it’s slow so make sure to take the rage spell with you to support your balloons.
  4. Always use rage spell wisely, you can check rage spell guide on our website for guidance.
  5. Always have some support troops in your army, because balloons are slow and they can’t clear the base at the given time so support troops will do this job.



If you follow all above-mentioned tips then no one can stop you from getting 3 stars. I hope that you liked the article, if so then don’t forget to share it with your clan mates. Keep clashing!


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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