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How To Win Clan Games In Clash Of Clans – Best Strategies & Tips

Clan games were introduced in December 2017 and the main reason behind the inclusion of Clan games was to promote the cooperation in the clan.

In this post, we will share some of the best and proven Tips & Strategies which can help your clan to win clan games.

It’s all about clan

Clan games is a very interesting concept and as we all know that clan wars are not that very often so Supercell decided to introduce clan games.

Clan games are all about clan cooperation and if you want to win the multiple Tier you will have to work with your team.


Motivate Your Clan Mates

Motivation is the key to success, I believe that if you can motivate a player in a right direction then he can win anything for you.

If you are clan leader or co-leader then this tip is for you. Being a co-leader or leader you will have to take clan with yourself.

Motivate your clan members by asking them that you are doing well, keep it up or you can give them incentives like a promotion to participate in the game. Also, make sure to use the clan message feature to communicate important things to your clan mates.


Choose the challenge which you can complete

As clan games have multiple challenges and each challenge have its own difficulty level. As you can see I picked the Wizard Wars challenge and completing the challenge give me the 100 points.

As I use GoWiPe formation in my battles so this challenge was pretty easy for me.

All I have to do was to win 5 stars from multiplayer battles using 12 wizards. As you can see I already won 3 stars and now I need 2 stars to win.

How To Win Clan Games Clash Of Clans - Best Strategies & Tips


I picked a base and started my attack. As the base was already attacked by another player as you can see the tombstones so its traps were already used.

How To Win Clan Games Clash Of Clans - Best Strategies & Tips


I was able to secure the 3 stars from this base.

How To Win Clan Games Clash Of Clans - Best Strategies & Tips


100 Points were added to my clan pool and individual pool. Similarly, you can those challenges which you can complete quickly and move on.

How To Win Clan Games Clash Of Clans - Best Strategies & Tips


If you can’t complete it, move on to the next challenge

It is totally okay if you have chosen one challenge and you can’t complete it, it is not the end of the world. Just Trash the challenge, chill for 10 minutes and then start with another challenge.

Thumb rule to choose a good challenge is the first voice in your head, if you think you can do it then you should do it, but if you are low Townhall player then we will recommend you to choose easy 50 points challenges.



Leave easy challenges for low-level players

Clan games are for clan participation and you have to accept the fact that not every player can 100 points or 200 points challenge so make sure to leave easy challenges for them But you can also complete the easiest challenges as you have only 12 challenges at a time.

So as you can see the Gardening Exercise challenge in which you will have to remove 5 obstacles so this challenge is the easiest.

How To Win Clan Games Clash Of Clans - Best Strategies & Tips


I completed this challenge as low-level players were assigned other easy challenges.

How To Win Clan Games Clash Of Clans - Best Strategies & Tips


Set your clan Goals

As leader or co-leader you have to set the clan goals. Set the minimum limit for trophies for each player and ask them to complete them.

You can ask your co-leaders to get at least 400 points, 300 points for elders and 200 points for players. But you also need to set an example for other make sure to get as many points as you can get to set an example and motivate your players.



Clan games is a regular thing now and if your clan isn’t active then you can’t get the max out of these games. Make sure to have an active clan and follow the tips to get the max rewards. You can learn more about the clan games rewards on our website.

I hope you liked the article and if so then don’t forget to share it with your clan mates.


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