Hidden Tesla Placement Guide – Clash Of Clans

Hidden Teslas are just kind of traps but they are powerful, fast and effective. In this guide, I will give you some Hidden Tesla placement tips and also share some example which will help you to understand these tips.


Hidden Tesla’s placement is very important because they are pretty effective against all troops especially the mighty Pekka. Following are the best 3 setups which you can use for Hidden Teslas

  • At the weak points of your base.
  • As Honeypot
  • Core of the base

I will explain all three setups with examples so let’s get started.

Hidden Teslas at Weak points of the base

Every base has its weak point and other players can exploit that weak point you can use the Hidden Teslas to cover those weak points and turn them into kind of trap for other players.

So you can find the weak point in your base and reinforce it with Hidden Teslas. As you can see in the picture that I have reinforced the weak point with Hidden Teslas and Giant Bombs.

Hidden Tesla Placement Guide - Clash Of Clans


Use Hidden Teslas as Honeypot

If you have hidden Teslas level 3 or lower then you can use this placement. In this placement, you use the hidden Teslas to lure the troops to trap.

This strategy work at low-level Townhalls because players use the giants as tanks for their attacks and you can put the spring trap in front of hidden Tesla.



Similarly, you can also put other traps like a giant bomb in front of hidden tesla to counter giants.

As you can see in the picture, I have placed the Giant bomb in front of hidden tesla to kill the opponent troops.

This is just for example purpose, if you have level 3 or higher hidden tesla then you should follow the other two placement strategies.

Hidden Tesla Placement Guide - Clash Of Clans


Hidden Teslas at Core of the base

Hidden Teslas are very effective at the core of the base and many top players follow this placement strategy.

As you can see in the picture, you can place all hidden Teslas together in the core of the base for targeting troops especially Pekka. Hidden Teslas are powerful and using them all together make them more effective.

Pro Tip: When placing all the hidden Teslas together make sure that there is no hole between them. You can fill the hole by placing other buildings.

Hidden Tesla Placement Guide - Clash Of Clans



These are the 3 best hidden Teslas placement but you can explore different ways according to your base design by watching the attack replays on your base.

You can use these placement strategies as inspiration and make your own Tesla placement because you can surprise your opponent by placing it in a unique yet effective way. Please share your thoughts about this guide in the comment section also share it with your clan mates. Stay tuned for more guides and clash on!


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