GoWiWi 3 Star Attacking Strategy – Clash Of Clans 2018


GoWiWi 3 Star Attacking Strategy – Clash Of Clans 2018

GoWiWi is an amazing strategy to get 3 stars in a clash of clans and in this guide, we will tell you how you can effectively use this formation.


GoWiWi is a powerful battle formation which can get you 2 stars on any base and if you push little harder you can get 3 stars from any base. In this formation, we have power master Wizard and witches.

Witches are not that powerful but their ability to spawn skeletons is awesome and that’s the reason why we use them. We have Golems upfront which is a super tank. I also have 6 wall breakers and 2 giants in the supporting role.


This formation can use any spell you want and it depends on your personal preference. I usually prefer to heal and rage spells because these spells suit my playing style. You can take lightning and rage spells with you so it’s entirely up to you.

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As I always say “choosing a right side is the first step toward victory” and I also believe that if you choose the right side then no one can stop you from getting one star, 2nd step depends on how you execute the attack and the third star depend on your army and how you support them during battle.


I started my attack from the cannon sides because they are slower than archer towers and it was the ideal side to start the attack. I placed giants and golems. Followed by 2 wall breakers.


Then I placed some wizards to support my tanks. You can also take two golems in the battle but I think 1 golem is sufficed.


As I have only one golem so I used heal spell to support him and placed more wall breakers to break the walls, in the meantime I also placed witches. Make sure to have witches on the last flank as they are highly vulnerable to defensive buildings.

Spawned skeletons are fast and they can join the first flanks and attack.



When your troops reach near the core of the base then make sure to use the rage spell to take out the Townhall.


Once Townhall is destroyed, if you have any spell left to use it to heal or support your army.


As you can see in the pictures, skeletons spawned from witches are very helpful and they can take out any building in seconds.


If you execute everything right then you can easily take down any base and get 3 stars. If the base is fully developed then you can easily get 2 stars and 3rd star would depend on how strong is your army and your spells.

Following are the tips to use GoWiWi

1) Always have Golem upfront and place it in a way that it should be in front of your troops. The handy rule is to place some wizards behind him as they will destroy everything which come in front of the golem and this will dictate the golem in the right direction.

2) Never place all troops at once, leave them in a cycle

  • Place Golems with wall breakers
  • 5 wizards
  • Put the heal spell to heal the golem
  • Put some more wizards
  • Place the Witches
  • Support the troops

3) Having troops in clan castle can be a huge plus, keep them for the final minute and then use them to take out rest of the buildings.



I hope that you like the guide and if so then don’t forget to share it with your friends. You can also learn about other strategies on our website. Stay tuned for more guides and updates.


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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