GoWiVa Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is fermium strategy game by the Supercell, and it is all about the strategy. There are dozens of strong troops available in the game which can be used in combinations for different attacking strategies.


In this Article, we will tell you about the GoWiVa attack strategy which is very popular is clash of clans.

GoWiVa formation includes the Golem as a tank with Wizards and Valkyrie as destroyers. This base is the advanced form of GoWiPe which is also one of the very popular attacking strategies in the game.

In GoWiPe we use the Pekka instead of Valkyrie. Each strategy has its pros and cons. GoWiVa strategy is recommended for Townhall 8 and onward Clashers.


GoWiVa Composition

GoWiVa army composition is very important. The recommended levels for the formation are

  • Wizards Level 5
  • Golem level 2 (minimum)
  • Valkyrie level 4 (minimum)


GoWiVa army composition will have the following troops

  • 7-10 Wizards
  • 2 Golems
  • 10+ Valkyrie
  • 2 Hogs
  • 3-5 Wall breakers

You can use any spell you want because it solely depends on the style you choose for the attack. We would recommend you to take at least 1 heal spell for your wizards, and at least 1 haste spells for your Golems.


Things to have in Mind

GoWiVa formation is pretty strong battle formation, but the wizards are vulnerable to the mortars and wizard towers so make sure to protect them by placing them after the Golems.

Valkyrie is pretty powerful so place them in the group of 3-5 to get the max advantage.

Use heroes in the war, you can use the Barbarian king and archer queen with a couple of wizards.

Funnel your troops to the core of the base, the wizards are the best for funneling. If you manage to keep the wizards and Golem in the same direction, you can easily get the 3 stars.

The most important thing here is the placement of your troops, if your troop’s placement is right, no one can stop you from getting the 3 stars.



Execution of GoWiVa

The execution of the GoWiVa is very important. The main advantage in this formation is the ability of the Golems to take the maximum hits so make sure to capitalize their ability.

Following is the way you will execute your attack using GoWiVa


  1. Send 1 hog in the range of the clan castle to lure the troops out of it.
  2. Terminate the castle troops.
  3. Place one Golem with 2 wizards, 1 on each side.
  4. Place 2 wall breakers to break the wall.
  5. When the wall is broken, place the Valkyrie in the groups with few wizards.
  6. Place the remaining golem and rest of the wizards.
  7. Place the heroes in the base.
  8. If you manage to keep the wizards behind the golem
  9. Use the Spells to support your troops
  10. 3 stars.



This strategy is very useful for Townhall 8, 9, 10. At Townhall, you should go with the bowlers, wizards, and Pekka. GoWiVa is the iteration of GoWiPe, but it is more effective as compared to the GoWiPe because Valkyrie unit is fast and effective. Their ability to attack the multiple buildings at one time is magnificent.

Please do let us know what strategy you use in your attacks and what you think about GoWiVa.


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