GoHo 3 Star Attacking Battle Strategy – Clash Of Clans 2018


GoHo 3 Star Attacking Battle Strategy – Clash Of Clans 2018

GoHo is one of the best battle formations in Clash of the clan and it’s my favorite. In this guide, I will tell you how you can use this amazing battle formation to get 3 stars in your attacks.


GoHo battle formation uses two extremes of the game, Golems, and Hogs. As you know that hog rider is one of the fastest troop in the game on the other side Golem is one of the slowest but these two troops work well with each other.

Golem takes on the major hits while Hog Riders destroy everything in their way. In this formation, it is imperative to use the support troops to support the Golems. So you can take wizards, withes with you to support Golems.


As you see in the picture, this base is not very strong but it is a good base and its box design will make difficult for other conventional formations to penetrate the base but GoHo can easily destroy this base.

I started my attack from the left side because it is vital in this formation to clear to clan castle as enemy troops in this castle can foil our attack.

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I started my attack with two Golems placed at 7 tiles distance from each other to deal with the hits.


Hog Riders are vulnerable to Giant Bombs so make sure to deploy them in line and then repeat the process as you can see in the pic.


Unlike other formations, you will have to take care of your troops from the start and make sure to use the heal spells at the right place to heal them.


Once you have clear area deploy the heroes to destroy the buildings and keep using spells to support your hog riders.



Use rest of the hog riders and other spells to support your troops. Make sure to deploy the support troops when hog riders have destroyed at least 50% of the defensive buildings. Place the supporting troops behind the Golems to keep supporting troops safe from traps.


I was able to destroy all base at the given time, one thing which I would like to mention here is that the role of supporting troops is very critical in formations like GoHo and Lavaloon. So always use your support troops carefully.


Following are the best tips to use the GoHo Battle formation

  • Never deploy all Hog Riders at once.
  • If there are X-Bows in the base, place the golems in a way that they should get the attention of those x-bows to save the Hog Riders.
  • Always use support troops in your formations.
  • Use your heroes with your support troops to get the full benefit of them or you can use them behind Golems.



GoHo is one of the easiest battle formations but you will need some time to master this formation. You can master it with regular practice. I hope you like the article and if so then don’t forget to share it with your friends. You can also learn about other battle formations on our website. Keep clashing!


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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