Giant Skeleton Attack Strategy Clash Of Clans Full Guide

Giant Skeleton is back in Clash of Clans for a limited period of time and in this Guide, I will tell you How to use the Giant Skeleton in your Battle Formations.

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Just in case you don’t know Ice Wizard is also available in Clash of clans for a limited period and you can read Ice Wizard guide on our website.


Giant Skeleton is back with the bang but GS is here for a limited time but with some changing. Giant Skeleton was also available on Halloween events and at that time its housing space was 25 and Its hit points were also low but on Christmas its housing space is 20 and hit points are also high but still we think if Giant Skeleton is becoming part of COC in the future then Supercell need to adjust its housing space which is the big question mark when we use the Giant Skeleton.


Giant Skeleton Full Guide - 3 Star Attack Strategy

Although Giant Skeleton has high Hitpoints then Giants and its housing space is too much and in that housing space we can have 4 Giants which are much effective as compare to Giant Skeleton.

If you take 3 or 4 Giant Skeletons then they will take almost 40-50% housing space of the whole army.


Just to check the overall effectiveness of Giant Skeleton I decided to use it with my regular Battle formation GoWiPe and I had to cut out some of my Wizards and other supporting troops to make space for 2 Giant Skeletons.

I started my attack by placing the Golem upfront and followed by Wizards to funnel the troops into the base.

Giant Skeleton Full Guide - 3 Star Attack Strategy


Wizards did their work and I placed all Pekkas into the base. Then I placed Rest of the Troops and Giant Skeletons.

Giant Skeleton Full Guide - 3 Star Attack Strategy

Giant Skeleton Full Guide - 3 Star Attack Strategy


Pekkas and other Troops were able to take 2 stars from this base which was pretty strong. I was disappointed with the performance of Giant Skeletons and I felt the need of my other supporting troops like additional wizards and wall breakers.

Giant Skeleton Full Guide - 3 Star Attack Strategy


I also felt that if Supercell is planning to bring Giant Skeleton in COC then they need to work on GS role also.

Giant Skelton work perfectly in Clash Royale because its role there is pretty simple but in a Clash Of Clans things are pretty complex and Giant Skeleton doesn’t fit in the role of Tank and its high housing space also make it difficult to choose Giant Skeleton over 4 Giants or 5 Wizards.

Giant Skeleton can be good troop if you are using it for defense but still, its housing space makes it difficult for us to choose GS over maxed Wizards or a Dragon.




Supercell is trying its best to get us the best units and features in a clash of clans and I hope that they will make Giant Skeleton more suitable to use in our Battle Formations. I hope you liked the article and if so then don’t forget to share it with your clan mates.

Please also do let us know your thoughts on Giant Skeleton in our comment section and Clash on!


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