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How To Find Dead Bases In Clash Of Clans 2018

Clash of Clan has been around for more than 5 years and thousands of players start playing this fantastic game every day, at the same time, hundreds of players uninstall this game and abandoned their bases.

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In this article, I will tell you how you can find these abandoned or dead bases.

How to Find Dead Bases?

How To Find Dead Bases In Clash Of Clans

Finding Dead Bases is not an easy task but I will share some tricks which you can use to find the dead bases. According to my experience, 80% of the dead bases can be found in lower leagues because these dead bases lose trophies all the time because of their weak defense and inactive traps.

So if you want to get the max dead bases you can lower your league, in lower leagues, you can easily find the dead bases.

In crystal league or higher, it is difficult to find the dead bases. In higher leagues, you can find the dead bases after 30-40 Nexts but still, it isn’t sure that you will find the dead bases but in lower leagues, your chances of getting the dead base are higher but it will also cost you low league Bonus.


There are thousands of abandoned bases in a clash of clans but you don’t see it always because of COC’s matchup algorithm.

Algorithm removes the abandoned bases from the matchup but it shows some dead bases from time to time to balance the equation.

In my experience, if you are an active player you will find a dead base in almost every 5 searches but it also depends on the other factors which we don’t know about.



How to identify an Abandoned or a Dead Base?

Abandoned Bases are the best way to get the max loot with minimum resistance. Question is how to identify an abandoned base? The answer is pretty simple you should look for the following signs which will tell you whether base is dead or not

  • No League Badge
  • Inactive Defenses
  • Elixir Collectors & Gold Mines will be completely or partially filled
  • A lot of obstacles around the base
  • Player will not be in the clan
  • Graves of dead troops in the base
  • If the base has TH10 or TH11 then you should take a look at inferno towers if they are black then it will confirm that the base is dead.


How to Raid a Dead Base?

Raiding the dead bases is the easiest thing and it’s just like attacking the goblins base in single-player missions. All major defenses like inferno towers, X-Bows and traps will be inactive and you will find the minimal resistance in it.

As dead bases are inactive, you will find all the gold and elixir in the collectors and mines you can use the archers to snipe them and get all the resources.


If you are trophy hunter then you can choose any side you want as the trap factor is zero. But make sure to attack from the side where you can neutralize the remaining defenses as soon as possible.

Funneling the troops in dead bases are much easier and lower resistance will ensure your chances of getting 3 stars and a lot of loot.



Dead Bases are the truth and you will find a lot of dead bases in the game. In lower leagues, you will find more dead bases as compared to the higher leagues but at the same time, it also depends on other factors and luck too.

Finding a dead base is difficult but not impossible, keep trying and Clash on!


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  • What a terrible article. It didn’t even answer the question, “how to find a dead base”. All it said was to drop trophies. This didn’t help at all.


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