Dragon Guide And Strategies – Clash Of Clans

Dragon Guide And Strategies – Clash Of Clans

Dragon is one of the most powerful units in Clash of clans and it is also one of the oldest units in the game. This mighty troop has the power to destroy any buildings and it is the reason why air attacks in a clash of clans are awesome.

In this guide, I will share some of the best Dragon strategies which you can use to win the battles.


Dragons have housing space of 20 so it takes a lot of space in the army camp. So if you are looking to use the dragons in your attack make sure to check two things, first is to have the max level camp at your Townhall level and 2nd is to have the max level of your dragon at your Townhall level.

Level 10 Townhall can house 12 Dragons in the attack, similarly, level 4 Townhall can only house 8 dragons and so on.


Dragons are powerful when you have at least level 4 dragons if you have low-level dragons use the troops like hog riders to destroy the air defenses first.

I will share two strategies with you in this guide, which are proven effective over the time and used by many top players.

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Queen Walk with Mass Dragons

Heroes in a clash of clans are very effective and their presence can win you the war. The first strategy involves the Archer Queen.

Queen walk is a very effective strategy which involves the healers and the queen. This strategy is used by many players for farming and destroying the specific targets.

As we all know air defenses are the main threat to the Dragons so we will use the Queen walk to destroy our target. If you have a low-level queen, you can use the hog Riders, lava hound etc. to take out the air defenses.

The army composition is to have the few archers, wall breakers, Balloons, Wizards, Healers, Dragons, Lightning spells to take out the air defenses, rage spell, haste spell, poison spell and earthquake spells.


You will start the attack by the side from where you can destroy the air defenses.


Once the outer buildings are destroyed, you can use the King to help the Queen in order to take out the defenses. If the queen can take out air defenses solely, then use the king for another purpose.


Once the Air defense is gone, you will start the Dragons & Balloons attack from the side from where you can take out the other air defenses. Use the Lightning spell to help the dragons in destroying the air defenses.


Once Air defenses are gone, Dragons are unstoppable and they can take out the whole building. If you haven’t use the king at the start of the match, use it in the end to help the Dragons.



LaBaDra is another powerful dragon strategy which includes the powerful air troops like Lava Hound, Dragons, and Balloons.

In this Strategy, we use the Lava Hound, Balloons and Dragons. The idea is to funnel the troop into the base with Lava hound as tank followed by balloons and Dragons.

You will start the attack by checking if there are any troops in the clan castle or not.


Once it is confirmed there are no troops in clan castle, start the attack by placing the lava hound. Select the side from where you can deal maximum damage to the air defenses.


If the base has any buildings outside, place the heroes to clean the building on the outside. If the base is asymmetrical, make sure to use the dragons to get the base into a proper shape and then start the attack. In my case, the base was standard box design.

Once troops are at the core of the base, use the rage and haste spells to get the troops near the air defenses. I planned to destroy the 3 air defenses with my troops and another one with a lightning spell.


If your troops destroy the air defenses, then you can easily get 3 stars from your attacks.




Air attacks are awesome however there is also the possibility of getting no stars from these attacks because it depends on the survival of your air troops.

The strategies I explained above are the best strategies for Dragons, however, make sure to upgrade your air troops to a max level of respective Townhall.

Also don’t ignore the importance of Lightning spells, as they can easily take out the air defense and can help you win the battles.

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