Dark Elixir Farming Strategies – Clash Of Clans

Dark Elixir is the rarest resource in a clash of clans, and every player wants to have maximum dark elixir as they can upgrade their heroes and also training the troops like Golem and Hog Riders which make the huge difference in the game.


In this article, I will share some best dark elixir farming strategies with you.

Before we start with the Dark Elixir Farming Strategies, let me share some basic Tips with you if you want to save your Dark Elixir.

1) Always place the Dark Elixir Storage in the well-protected place of the base which is the core of the base, when you are farming the Dark Elixir make sure to customize your base according to your purpose which is saving the dark Elixir.


2) Always place the Dark Elixir Drills near your other defenses.


3) If you want to save your Dark Elixir, then use this simple trick. The trick is to put the dark elixir troops to the training so whenever you want you can remove your troops and get the dark elixirs back.


4) Get into the lower league, for example, I usually drop my league when I want to upgrade my base. In the lower league, you will not find much competition, and you can easily farm the dark elixirs.


Now let’s start with the Farming Strategies which you can use to farm for the elixir. The First strategy which is widely used in the Townhall 8+ is the “Goblin Knife” in this strategy funnel the Goblin into the base to get the dark elixir.

The battle formation will have the 8 Giants, 6 wall breakers, 12 Archers, and Goblins. As Goblins love the resources so will use their love for a resource to get the Dark Elixir.

The best thing about the Goblin Knife is that it doesn’t cost you single dark elixir.



The First step is the scouting process, and you should find a suitable base where you can use the Goblin Knife and get the max dark elixirs. If you lower your league, you can find the Townhall bases which will be easier to attack, and you can get the max elixir out of it.


You will start the attack by placing a couple of giants followed by wall breakers to clear the way for your Goblins when placing Goblins make sure that they don’t get hurt by the Cannon or wizard tower.

Giants will act as tanks for the Goblins and Archers will support the archers.


A good way to protect Goblins is by placing all the giants and archers when they get near the Dark Elixir Storage then you should release the Goblins to get the dark elixir.

Funneling your troops to the dark elixir storage is a crucial part, and you will need to do it flawlessly. Goblin Knife works best with the 1 rage spell and 2 heal spells.



Goblin Knife is the best strategy which you can use to farm the dark elixir, and if you follow our Tips, you can easily farm enough dark elixir to upgrade your dark elixir troop or hero. Please do let us know what you think about this article in the comment section below.


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