Clash Of Clans New Update December 2017 – Q Revealed

Clash of Clan December update is almost here and Supercell has started rolling out sneak peeks about the new update.

Today Community Manager Darian Vorlick and Clash of Clan Game designer Eino Joas held a smart but very informative video session about Clash of Clan December update in which they discussed the major feature in upcoming December Update.


A few days back clash of clan official twitter handle shared some pictures in which different troops were playing the team games and later on Clash of clan announced the Clan Games and there were not many details available about it but now we have all the details about the Clan Games.


Clan Games will be a clan event in which different clan mates will perform the different tasks together to get the maximum points and add those points to Clan point pool.

Clan games will be a time-limited event and at the end of the event, each player will be rewarded with different rewards. The Mysterious “Q”, Darian mentioned in the last Q&A session was the quests which are actually the challenges in the clan games.


Clan Games will be organized by the Strong Man, Strong Man will be the new character in the clash of clans. Strong Man will travel to your Townhall in the little blue train or caravan and will stay in your base until the clan games end


Clash Of Clans New Update Sneak Peek - Q Revealed


Strong Man will bring the different quests or challenges just like the quests in clash royale. Each Challenge has different points depending on its difficulty.

Clash Of Clans New Update Sneak Peek - Q Revealed


Challenges will be just like the quests in Clash Royale.

For example, you will get the challenge to destroy the 15 Gold Mines in 1 Hour or destroy the specific building in limited time.

Eino also explained that these events will be difficult and you will need the help of your clan mates to complete these challenges.

Points earned from these challenges will be added to clan point pool and at the end of clan games, you will be rewarded with different rewards. Rewards will include the resources, gems and Magic Items.

Clash Of Clans New Update Sneak Peek - Q Revealed


Magic Items are the new feature in a clash of clans. Magic items will be a rare item and only way to earn them is through the clan games. Magic items will be high tier reward and clans with high pool points will win the magic items.


These Magic items will also have different purposes, for example, these magic items will help you finish upgrades in no time.

These Magic items will also boost your village upgrade in various ways. You will also be able to boost your resource collectors using these Magic items.

Clash Of Clans New Update Sneak Peek - Q Revealed

Eino Joas also gave few details about the future of Clan Games. Eino said that Supercell will put some challenges in clan games in the future and it will be a continuous process.

Eino also said that Clan games will be limited to the clans only but in the future, they will organize clan games between different clans to promote competition.


Eino also said that new update will bring some changes which will make the things easier for attackers in Townhall 10 and 11.

New Update will also make the dark elixir troops more powerful so that players could use them in the battlefield without upgrading them too much as dark elixir troops are effective but their low health is the reason why players don’t prefer them so December update will fix this issue.



Clash of Clans will release the more Sneak peeks of December update in the new few days and we will cover all the updates and sneak peeks for you guys, so stay tuned and clash on!


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