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Clash Of Clans Private Server APK – UPDATED 2019

Of course, just like all another server, this server is powered with unlimited resources to max out all your buildings and troops quickly but what else does this private server offer you?

With the latest update from the clash of the builder, they have added all the builder hall buildings and troops to Townhall plus have enabled the ability to do wars now.

Also, the server has unlimited buildings and troops in Townhall + the command to attack your own base πŸ˜‰ check the list of commands available on this server below.

Also, the builder hall buildings in Townhall will be unlimited as shown in the pic below

Clash Of Builder Private Server 9.256.17 APK

Builder hall troops are available in Townhall and cost 0 training elixir. Also, the capacity of training on a single army camp of both Builder hall and Townhall is 100k I believe.

Also with the recent update, new units have been added as you can tell from the featured image of the post. Also, the battle machine has been added and you can build him unlimited times πŸ˜€

Builder Base builder has been added to townhall as a troop and spawns a cannon every second in the battle

  • New troop called warrior-builder
  • New heroes patrol the entire map
  • Each new hero has his own unique ability
  • 10 new protective structures
  • All news regarding cocbuilder will be published within the game
  • Every week a new construction / army / spell will be introduced to the server
  • Language support (English, Chinese, Arabic)
  • 3 new spells!
  • New traps!
  • On the server included snow πŸ™‚
  • Fixed plenty of bugs!

There is a bomb in the game which costs 50k elixir to build and deals a huge amount of damage to all nearby buildings, it is being used as an attacking unit rather than defensive πŸ˜‰

You will also find plenty of custom modded buildings and heroes in the newer version.

The new troop warrior-builder Once every few seconds, he will “build” the cannon and inflict good damage on the buildings.


Paste any of the commands you want in the global chat.

Installation Process

1) Download the APK from the link below

2) Install and enjoy

(If the server gives you login failed error then try again later, it could be the server is offline or full of players)

Download Clash Of Clans Private Server APK


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