Clash Of Clans Q&A – Insights,Update Leaks & Sneak Peek


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Supercell did a Q&A session couple of days back in which clash of clans Community Manager Darian Vorlick answered the long-awaited questions. This Q&A was hosted by the Forum Moderators Lachness Meownster and Smolson. In this article, I will tell you the exact what Darian told us in the clash talk and will also share my point of view.


The Q&A was full of hints for the next updates and course of action of the clash of clans. When Darian was asked about the clan levels in the start he clearly stated that the next update will cater the clans, it will not add more levels in the clans, but it will bring new dynamics in the clan which will encourage the players to participate in the clan activities.

Darian was also asked about the Builder base that what was the purpose of the builder base and the answer was that there was a lot of demand from the community that they wanted the PVP in the clash of clans but due to the clouding issues and other technical aspects it was not possible to change the whole mechanics of the game so to meet the popular demand Supercell decided to bring the Builder base.

Darian also said that the most of the stuff in the builder base was design by considering the suggestions on the community.

Darian also answered the question of clash team’s vision for the end-game of the clash of clans. The answer was pretty straight that everyone has their own end-game vision.

The game like clash of clans have multiple perspectives, some people want to upgrade their heroes to the max, and some people want to upgrade their clan to the max, etc.


In the previous Q&A session, Darian talked about the “Gut feeling, ” and Darian was kind enough to explain the “gut feeling.” Darian said that during the development developer doesn’t completely depend on the “gut feeling, ” but they do look at the data available to them through the community forums.

He gave the example of matchmaking in the game and said that the matchmaking is not perfect, but developers are trying their best to make it perfect, with each update they try to bring some improvements in matchmaking and other aspects of the game to make the best.

Darian also said that the team is working on to allow to use heroes in war while upgrading which is I think the very good thing. Darian also answered the question about the one name change in the game, and he said that people can misuse this feature.

For example, if someone did clan volition and kicked out from the clan. He can come back in the clan by changing his name.


Darian was also asked that why clash team doesn’t share what they are working on in advance and take the suggestions, the answer was pretty simple and fair enough. Darian said that there are millions of players play the clash of clans and it is not humanly possible to keep everyone happy.


The last questions were about the next update which is coming in next month or so which will lay the foundation for the future updates. Darian also gave a hint that there is something big coming for the clash of clans – Townhall base. It will not be a new Townhall, but it will bring the new dynamics in the game. Next update will also focus on the clans to make them more interesting and engaging.


I totally agree with the Darian on almost all answers. The builder base gives the perfect opportunity to the clash team to test their different things without disturbing the main Townhall mechanics.

The Darian also hinted that there will be crossover in the future from both bases but the major crossover is not on the agenda for the next update. I’m also very optimistic about the next update that it will bring the exciting new features in the clans.



Next update will not bring the dramatic changes in the mechanics of the game, but it will lay the foundation for the next updates. In the last few seconds, Darian said that the new update will feature the “something” which people wanted for a long time and he gave a hint that “something” name starts with the “Q.”
Please do let us know your thoughts about the whole Q&A session and what you think this mysterious “something” feature could be.


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