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Clash Of Magic Private Server APK – Latest Updated

Clash Of Magic is a Clash of Clans private server with Unlimited Resources and Gems where you can build your village and builder hall quickly. You will find all the features from the official COC server but this game runs on a private server hosted somewhere else and has nothing to do with your official server. You can use this private server and official COC game on the same device and be fine. Play on private servers to test all troops and different strategies to use on your coc game. Enjoy unlimited buildings, troops and other mod features that you won’t find in the original game.

What’s New In Clash Of Magic Private Server

  • New Townhall 12
  • New Siege Machine
  • Siege Workshop
  • Electro dragons
  • New Levels

It has all the features from the latest coc version

More updates will come to the game as a newer version of clash of clans come out. Till then enjoy this.


  • /help : lists available server commands
  • /status : prints the server’s status
  • /id : prints your Account ID (will have some cool use of it)
  • /addunits : adds 500 of all units (/removeunits coming soon)
  • /addspells : adds 500 of all spells (/removespells coming soon)
  • /ownbaseattack : awaited, attack yourself!
  • /clearobstacles : clears all of your existing obstacles
  • /resetbase : clears all of your existing buildings and resets your main base
  • /maxlevels : maximize your existing buildings’ level
  • /setlevel <level> : sets your avatar XP level (example: ‘/setlevel 500’). You can use it multiple times.
  • /maxresources : refills your storages
  • /setbases <th_level> : advanced command, set your bases maxed – by inputting the desired TH level. Example: ‘/setbases 11’ – will give you TH11 & BH8 maxed base. You can use TH levels from 1 to 11, as many times as you want.


1) Download the APK from the link below

2) Install and enjoy

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Download Clash Of Magic Private Server APK


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