Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2017 (New Troop,Obstacle & More)

We all know that the halloween is approaching and all Clash of Clans players are excited to know what Supercell is going to be bringing in the new Clash of Clans halloween update this october 2017.



Today i am going to share with you some of the confirmed news about what supercell will be adding in their halloween update.

The first and for most is a new troop called Giant Skeleton. Now we are all familiar with this troop because it is already there in Clash Royale and for those who do not play Clash Royale should check it out.


This is how the Giant Skeleton will look like

Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2017


With the huge bomb that he carries with him deals alot of damage to the walls but as well deals alot more damage when he explodes after death. All the surrounding buildings and troops are affected by it.

Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2017



 Level  Health Cost Elixir of Clash of Clans  Damage per second. Damage after
 1  750 250  eleven  800
 2  900 750  14  1000
 3  1075 1250  19  1200
 4  1300 1750  24  1400
 5  1675 2250  31  1600
 6  2350 3000  43  1800
 7  2750 3500  50  2000
 8  3150 4000  57  2200


Now Let’s Talk About The Halloween Obstacles in COC

Each year Supercell brings new obstacles to the game and these obstacles are gone once the event or the special day is over. Because these kind of Obstacles are rare and may never come again i like to keep them on my base and not use them.

Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2017

This is how the obstacle will look like and appear on your base.

  • Size: 2 x 2 cells
  • Cleaning time: 30 seconds
  • Cleaning Price: 25,000  Elixir of Clash of Clans Elixir

It is really not worth to clean these unique obstacles for 25,000 Elixir. I would rather keep them in the corner with other special event obstacles, What do you think?? Let me in the comments below.

It is okay to remove once or twice because they will appear more often than that but just keep one at the corner of your base.

What will happen when you remove the Obstacle?

After cleaning this obstacle you will receive 75,000 elixir but the removing cost as i stated above will be 25,000 elixir so your net profit is 50,000 elixir. Also the obstacle will appear every 4 days.



Halloween Pumpkin Barbarian

Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2017


This has not been confirmed but i am 90% sure that the pumpkin barbarian will be coming to Clash of Clans on this halloween update.

It is said that once the pumpkin barbarian dies in the battle an ordinary barbarian will be spawned. Also the pumpkin will slightly increase the health of the barbarian acting as armor for the barbarian.



Clash Of Clans Halloween Update 2017





I am very excited about the new features that are coming on the halloween and i am really looking forward to it. Let me know what do you think about this halloween update in the comments sections below. Also please share this post with your friends.


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