Clash of Clans December Update 2017 Sneak Peeks

Clash of Clan December update is almost here and Supercell has started to provide sneak peek into December update. In this article, we will share the latest sneak peak of December Update.


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2017 has not been a good year for clash of clans and reason is pretty straightforward that Supercell devoted all of its attention toward the Clash Royale in which they bring pretty amazing stuff this year.

Although Clash of clan got a major update in the form of Builder base, on the other hand, Townhall didn’t get any major update and many clashers raised this point on the clash of clan official forums.

So Supercell decided to bring a special update for clash of clans and this update will be a part of Christmas update. This year’s Christmas update will be special and it will focus on Townhall.


The first thing which is confirmed by the Clash of Clan Official forum is that Supercell is bringing the Clan Games in a clash of clans. COC Official Twitter handle shared some photos in which troops are playing games like:

1) 3 Legged Race

Clash of Clans December Update 2017 Sneak Peeks


2) Egg and spoon race

Clash of Clans December Update 2017 Sneak Peeks


3) Skipping

Clash of Clans December Update 2017 Sneak Peeks

4) Sack race

Clash of Clans December Update 2017 Sneak Peeks


Obviously, your troops can’t play these games but these games show that the clan games will include the tasks which will be completed by the two or more clan mates.

These tasks can include attacking the multiplayer attacks on the home village to versus battles in builder base. Completing these tasks will get you some points which will be added to clan point pool and after the end of events clan will get the reward.


We will also like to mention the mysterious feature which starts with the “Q” mentioned by the clash of clan community manager Darian in the last Q&A Session. “Clan Games” don’t start with the letter “Q” so here are two possibilities, the first possibility is that they may have changed the “Q” feature name to “clan Games” and 2nd possibility is that there will be separate feature like “Quests” in Townhall in which players will be rewarded for completing the individual tasks.



We are also optimistic about the future of the clash of clans as if you have followed the Supercell update pattern then you will notice that they always bring the successful features of one game to other games.

For example at Halloween, Supercell bring the Giant skeleton from the Clash Royale to the Clash of the clan. Similarly, Supercell is planning to bring heroes from the clash of the clan into Clash Royale.

So you can expect some amazing changes in a clash of clan February update 2018.


Clash of Clan also decided to give the major addition to single player missions and December update will bring the new bases for the Goblin Map.


As December Update is coming with Christmas update so you can expect some Christmas specific items and events. 1 gem boost is of them, so if you want to do some upgrades in Townhall then Christmas will be the perfect time to boost your Gold mines and elixir Collectors.



Overall the Sneak Peeks are looking good and we hope that Supercell will not limit these changes to Clan games only and they will bring exciting new features in the clash of clan just like Clash Royale.

Please do let us know what you think about these Sneak peeks in the comment section and Stay tuned for more updates.


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