Builder Hall 8 Strongest Base Layouts – Clash Of Clans

Builder hall 8 is the highest level in Builder Base and at this stage, you will encounter some of the finest versus battle players and to tackle them you will need a Good strategy, strongest army, and a good base layout.

In this Guide, we will only cover the Layouts but you can check our website for some good attacking strategies. I have selected 3 layouts which are few of the best layouts in Builder Base.

The first layout is my favorite and it is the anti-3 star base layout. We have divided the base 4 semi-open sections each with its own ability.

We have placed the Builder hall in the well-protected section and ensured its protection by placing some high Hitpoints buildings like Star Laboratory and clock tower.

In the mortar section, we have also ensured the safety of our most valuable asset “mortar” by placing other buildings around them.

Other two sections don’t have important buildings but their entries toward the center are well protected by crushers so if someone tries to attack through these 2 sections then he will have to lose some troops to enter the core of the base.

Overall, the base design is very unique and it can definitely help you win versus battle.

Builder Hall 8 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans


The 2nd layout is also one of the finest layouts for Builder hall 8. In this layout, we ensured the safety of Builder base by placing the Giant Cannon, Roaster, and mortar together. All sensitive spots have the push traps.

If you notice that you will see the semi-open box in the core of the base which is well protected by crushers. We have also placed the mines in air mode to protect the builder hall from minion’s sniping.

We also placed the towers in a fast mode in the hot zone as the most probably, most attacks will start from that side. Overall this base design is also perfect and can be used in your versus battles.

Builder Hall 8 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans


3rd Layout is also Anti 3-stars layout and it follows the same design language of the previous layout but will little change. Now we have the cover the two sides covered with camps and two sides are wide open.

This base is kind of plays with the opponent mind as we have also left the two strategy-gaps in the lower side of the base and it will make the player think that there are traps at these gaps.

We have also strategically placed the two high Hitpoints buildings at the two sensitive spots so that our defenses have enough time to destroy the opponent’s units.

Even your opponent manages to get into the base he won’t be able to survive the attacks from mortar, Giant cannon, and other defenses. This base design is also up to the mark and your opponent will have to come up with some incredible strategy to conquer this base.

Builder Hall 8 Strongest Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans



These are some of the best Builder base layouts but I would recommend you to manipulate them according to your experience because you aren’t the only one who is seeing this Guide.

During the manipulation, make sure to change the position of traps and also play with positions of defensive buildings but don’t expose your important buildings like mortar, roaster, mega tesla and Giant Cannon.

I hope that you will find this guide useful and if you liked this guide, make sure to visit our website for awesome content.


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