Builder Base Strongest Layouts 2018 – Level 1 to 7

Greetings Chief, today I am going to show you how to make the most of your Builder Base. Well what exactly is the Builder Base? Builder Base was introduced in the May 2017 update, which added a side base to the original town base.

This mystical land is run by the master builder, who is alone on this side of the island, though his superior skills have helped him in extreme technological advancements.

You can have control over your Builder Base once your town hall has been upgraded to level 4. By repairing the boat on the shore, you will have full access to the Builder Base.


Strongest Builder Base Layouts

Once you have known all about the Builder Base and are willing to start your journey, but having a tough time coping with this brand new base and feature, well don’t get over it, because I am going to show you the top attack and defense strategies. Starting from BB1 to BB7:


1) Builder Hall Level 1

The Builder Hall 1 is the most basic of them all. It is the start where you get your basic Island and a Builder Hall. And kick off your journey of making your village the best of them all.

Defensive Strategy:

We wont start with the Builder Hall 1 defences, because all you get is a single cannon and a couple of walls, that are up to benefit at this point.

Try to upgrade your Builder Hall as soon as possible. To get new defenses and move towards better village.


Attacking Strategy:

The Builder Hall 1, has only got one unit. The raged barbarian, by using it in mass numbers you can get enough resources to advance to the Builder Hall 2, where things starts to get complex.


2) Builder Hall Level 2

The Builder Hall 2 is the place where the fun just kicks in. In this level you get an archer tower, double cannon, a laboratory and you can unlock the sneaky archers.

Defensive Strategy:

Builder Base Strongest Layouts 2018

The picture of the base above shows the top defense that can be used at Builder Hall 2. Because you need to defend a 3 star at that level.

Most of the people have Sneaky Archers and Raged Barbarians at this level and they will most attack from the Builder Hall side, and the two cannons and the Archer Tower set to Long Range. It will clear out the enemy troops very quickly. And you will mostly get two starred.


Attack Strategy:

While limited on the Sneaky Archers and Raged Barbarians on Builder Hall 2, you have to attack in a tactical way. Use some Sneaky Archers to clear a cannon, and the used the Raged Barbarians to destroy the Archer Tower and clear the rest of the base.



3) Builder Hall Level 3

Builder Hall 3 is the place where you get most of the useful buildings, which includes the Crusher, Hidden Tesla, Fire Crackers. And some new units which include Boxer Giants and the Beta Minions. With some extra pair of walls.

Defensive Strategy:

Builder Base Strongest Layouts 2018

The picture above shows one of the most hard to 3 star base on Builder Hall 3. You need to get a Fire Cracker and an Archer Tower on each side of the base. And you need set the Archer Tower on long range to get protection from the Beta Minions long range attack special ability.

The push traps are redirected towards the base of the Crusher, So most of the Giants will be tossed to centre and Crusher getting rid of them.

Most of the Beta Minions will be killed by the Archer Tower, Hidden Tesla, and the Fire Cracker while the Cannons clearing out the archers or barbarian. So, the attacker won’t get an easy snipe on the Builder Hall.


Attacking Strategy:

The Beta Minions and the Boxer Giants will give you a big boost in Case of attacking.

Use the Boxer Giants to distract the Archer Tower and Hidden Tesla, while using some Raged Barbarians and Sneaky Archers to take out the Fire Cracker and then using the Beta Minions. If done correctly, you can easily 3 star any base.


4) Builder Hall Level 4

Builder Hall 4 is the place when it becomes a bit difficult and every approach need a plan. You get the most powerful Anti-Air Building known as the Air Bombs.

You also get the Clock Tower as explained before, The Guard Post is also available starting from Builder Hall 4. And some extra pieces of walls are also added. Builder Hall 4 also introduces Baby Dragons, known as the most effective unit of Builder Base.

Defensive Strategy:

Builder Base Strongest Layouts 2018

The base above shows one of the most effective defense in Builder Hall 4. Because almost all of the players use mass baby dragons or a hybrid attack of baby dragons, Sneaky Archers and Raged Barbarians.

The air bomb can take out a baby dragon in less than 2 hits. Remember, put the air bomb in the center, Even more centralized than the Builder Hall.

While still using the push traps to throw enemy troops in the base of crusher. Also put the Archer Towers on full range, to avoid most of the air borne troops. There a little chance of getting 3 starred here.


Attack Strategy:

With the introduction of Baby Dragons, the main attacking focus point is Mass Baby Dragons. Deploying each Baby Dragon at a specific distance from each other, to maximize the use of their tantrum ability. Focusing on the air defenses and then clearing up the base.



5) Builder Hall Level 5:

The Builder Hall 5 is one of the turning point of the Builder Base, it is the time where you have to max out everything before going to next level, to avoid extra problems.

The cannon cart gets introduced, while no new building except a Multi-Mortar. And the pinnacle of warfare “The Battle Machine” is also introduced on this level.

Defensive Strategy:

Builder Base Strongest Layouts 2018

The picture above illustrates the best of all defensive layouts available for Builder Hall 5. You can notice that all important building are placed in the centre of the base. Including the Multi-Mortar and the Air Bombs.

While all secondary defensive surrounding the base, while the Archer Towers are set to short range as the Canon Cart doesn’t have much range. Placement of the Battle Machine does not matter, because it cannot defend your base.


Attacking Strategy:

The widely used attacking strategy in Builder Hall 5 is a hybrid attack consisting of Boxer Giants, Cannon Cart, Raged Barbarians and Bombers and the Battle Machine.

Use the Giants to soak all the damage followed by the Cannon Carts and Bombers to make a funnel for the Battle Machine and the storm the battlefield with intense power.


6)  Builder Hall Level 6

The Builder Hall 6 is the time when you have occupied almost much of the buildings. New units and building added in the Builder Hall 6 are the Night Witch and the roaster.

Defensive Strategy:

Builder Base Strongest Layouts 2018

The below above shows a maxed out Builder Hall 6 Base. The base is totally indestructible and there is less than 10% chance of getting a solid 3 stars from it. The base is so symmetric that troops deployed will be attacked from every side of the base.

Because all of the defenses are placed in the center. Making it very difficult for players to penetrate the center of the base.


Attacking Strategy:

The Builder Hall 6 introducing Night Witch into combat, the Night Witch when upgraded to the max level allowed by the laboratory.

Using mass Witches with sneaky archers to take out the roaster than deploy Night Witches and Battle Machine to clear all defenses.


7)  Builder Hall Level 7

Builder Hall 7 has been added in the latest update, which brings you an extreme defensive building known as the Giant Cannon, while in units the Drop Ship has been added.

Builder Hall 7 let’s you max out everything currently available for Builder Base including all troops and buildings.

Defensive Strategy:

Builder Base Strongest Layouts 2018

This is one of my favorite layouts, because one simple cannot get pas these starting double walls. These walls will waste the Raged Barbarians ability.

Even if drop ships are used, the archer towers are set to long range, taking care of any air born threat. Congesting all of the defenses in the center make it a kill zone.


Attacking Strategy:

Since Builder Hall 7 allows you to max out all troops and the Battle Machine. You can use Beta Minions to distract all the Air Defenses and use the Drop Ships to deploy waves of incoming Larries.

While the Battle Machine deployed in the center of Enemies Line. Charging through a funnel created by the minions, and sweeping the base clear.



It was easy to describe in words, but the real deal is practicing what you have learned. So, go out there and start your adventurous journey. Clash On.


I love discovering new games to share on this blog. Other than that I am a big fan of Android and love to learn new things about it. Also, I love testing MODS.

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