Big Grand Warden Hero Guide Clash Of Clans 2018

Grand Warden is the 3rd Hero is Clash of Clan which unlocks at TH11. Grand Warden is although not very strong but his external abilities are very strong and in this article, I will tell you how you can use Grand Warden in your attacks.


Grand Warden is known for his external abilities, he is the only troop which can walk as well as fly and it’s up to you which mode you want to use.

If you use the fly mode grand warden will immune from the ground defenses and if you use the ground mode he will immune from the air attacks.

Grand Warden also has the special ability just like other heroes but it also has an additional passive ability known as “Life Aura” which add additional HP to troops in grand warden’s range.

Grand warden special ability is known as “Eternal Tome Ability” which make the troop invincible or immune from damage for a shorter period.


Grand Warden Air Mode or ground mode? Which is better?

Well, the answer of this question is very simple, if you are using air army then you should use grand warden in Air mode and if you are using ground army then you should use grand warden in ground mode.

Grand warden is not strong enough like other heroes and the main goal of the grand warden is to provide support and the only way to do it if he has army upfront.


How to use Grand Warden?

Grand Warden is a supporting hero and he will follow the army with max Hitpoints. For example, if your army split into two halves then grand warden will follow the half with high Hitpoints.

So the best way to use the Grand warden is behind the Army, the grand warden will give additional HP boost to the troops in his range using Life Aura ability and at the right time, you can use his Eternal Tome Ability to get the full benefit of it.

Pro Tip: Always use the rage spell with Eternal Tome ability for good results.

Big Grand Warden Hero Guide Clash Of Clans 2018



Grand Warden can also be used with the Archer Queen. Some players like this approach and some don’t but for me, it worked. Grand Warden Work well with the Archer Queen and can give significant damage to the opponent base. This strategy work if you have at least level 15+ Grand Warden and level 35+ Archer queen.

When to use Grand warden’s Eternal Tome Ability?

Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome Ability is very powerful and if you use it wisely you can get the 3 stars. The question is when to use Eternal tome ability? The answer is that it will depend on when you want to use it.

For example, if you are attacking for resources then you should use it near the place where most of the resource storages are or if you are attacking for trophy pushing then you should use in the core of the base where Townhall and other strong defenses are.



Grand warden is a powerful hero and I would recommend you buy it as soon as possible when you reach Townhall 11. Please do let us know what you think about Grand warden Guide in the comment section below.


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