Best Townhall Level 9 Base Layouts 2018 – Clash Of Clans


Best Townhall Level 9 Base Layouts 2018 – Clash Of Clans

Townhall 9 is the Townhall where you will enjoy the full potential of the clash of clans. At Townhall 9 and onwards you will enjoy the powerful troops and defenses.


In this article, we will share some best Townhall level 9 layouts for your bases.

At Townhall 9 you unlock some powerful defenses like X-bows along with other powerful defenses. At Townhall 9, the most popular attacks are dragons and Pekka attacks.

The layouts which we will share here can easily handle any type of battle formation, and they are anti 3 stars layouts.

The 1st layout is the hybrid farming-trophy layout which features the boxy design. The box design is trendy at high-level bases.

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In the base we have placed the clan castle in the center, and with the clan castle, we have placed the dark elixir. Dark Elixir is well protected by the x-bows and air defenses.

In the 2nd layer, you will see some air traps. In high-level bases, it is very critical to saving the dark elixir because you can upgrade your heroes only using a dark elixir. In the 3rd layer, we have placed the other defenses along with the Townhall.

This base design also features the Pekka 360 degree or anti-funneling strategy to prevent the Pekka from entering the core of the base.

The players at high-level usually go for trophies and use the formations which have the Pekka or dragon to get the 3 stars, or they use the Goblins formations to get the resources.

This base can handle both types of formations. We recommend this base layout for the Townhall 9.



The 2nd base layout is also very effective base layout for Townhall 9. This layout has the standard expanded layout which is also very effective.

In this layout, we have protected the dark elixir and the Townhall with the x-bows and the hidden tesla. Hidden Tesla is effective against the dragons and Pekka. In the 2nd layer, we have some traps and the heroes to protect the dark elixir.

In the 3rd layer, we have the other defenses, a 5th layer feature the buildings and some defensive buildings. In the outer layer, we have the Pekka 360 degree in place to protect your base against Pekka Attacks.

The multiple layers in the base keep the troops from getting into the core of the base. This base is also very good layout for protecting the dark elixir. This layout is the anti 3-star layout.



These Layouts are very popular at Townhall 9, and you will see the iterations of these layouts at Townhall 9. If you are using these layouts, make sure to change the position of the traps in the base. Please do let us know which layout you use in your base in the comment section below.


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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