Best Townhall Level 10 Base Layouts – Clash Of Clans

Townhall is the 2nd highest level in a clash of clans. After the Townhall 10, there is only Townhall 11 which is the highest Townhall in a clash of clans.


At Townhall 10 you will be competing in the highest league of players and pro players will attack on your base. At this level, you don’t design your base for anti 1 or 2 stars because it is very difficult to protect your base against the powerful troops but you can design your base to be anti 3-star.

The layouts which will share here are the best layouts which are anti 3-star but also will protect your most important resource, the dark elixir.


Best Townhall Level 10 Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans

The 1st layout is the trophy base layout which is the combination of compact and expanded boxy design. The base feature the multiple layers to protect the inner core of the base.

Clan castle is placed in the center so that castle troops could respond to any threat. The Townhall is placed in the core of the base and it is well protected by the Tesla and Inferno towers.

We also have the air defense in place to protect the base from the air attack. At Townhall 10 the most common attack are the bowlers with Pekka or dragons.



The hybrid design make it difficult to conquer and your opponent will have to come up with the strong strategy to even get the 2 stars. The iterations of this base design is used by many top players.


Best Townhall Level 10 Base Layouts - Clash Of Clans

The 2nd base layout is the farming-trophy layout. The base feature the standard boxy design which is very effective. If you notice each box is protecting the one storage.

The Townhall is placed in the center of the base protected by the inferno towers and the x-bows. The dark elixir storage is also well protected with multiple layers of walls and defenses.

The base also have the anti-funneling strategy in place to prevent the troops from entering the core of the base. The boxy design of the base also make it difficult for your opponent to enter the core of the base.

There is also short route to the Townhall in the middle of the base which apparently looks easy but if your opponent will choose the short route, his army will be in the range of all defenses. Overall this base is impeccable and we recommend this base.



These are the strongest Townhall level 10 layouts. Please do let us know what you think about these layouts in the comment section below.


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