How To Beat The Crusher In CoC Builder Base

Just like Town halls have the eagle Artillery, Builder base have the crusher. This mighty crusher has the ability to foil your attack single-handedly, and almost every ground is attacking strategy focus on the crusher.

I will tell you how to take down crusher in COC builder base.



The crusher is very crucial to the success, and most players fail because they don’t consider the crusher when they plan their attack. This simple looking thing is very powerful.

Crusher in its full glory which is level 6 can give the damage of 230 per second.

Just to give you a little perspective, if you are using giants as a tank for the attack, the crusher can take them out with just 3 hits, and if you are using barbarians, it can eliminate them with just one hit.

Its damage type is area splash so it will damage all troops in its range area which is 3 tiles. It attacks every 3.5 seconds which is deadly if it is placed strategically.


So here are the ways by which you can take down the crusher


1) Snipping is one of the easiest ways to beat the crusher in Builder base. Usually, players don’t know the importance of the crusher or ignore the importance of crusher, so they don’t place the crusher inside the base or place it in the corner.

Now there are two possibilities, if the crusher is placed in the range of archers or other defense and on the walls, you can use giant as a tank, you will place the giant little away from the crusher so that it gets the attention of archer and then you will use archers for snipping. You can also use the minions for snipping.

The 2nd possibility is the easiest if the crusher is placed outside the walls then you can use the archers for snipping. If the crusher is placed in the range of archer tower, you can use the barbarians to attack the neighbor building so that they get the attention of archer tower and archers will take care of the crusher.


2) Making room for Giants, now in this technique, we place the giants in a way that they support the archer or other troops, and they don’t reach the crusher before the archers do.

The best way to do is to choose a side in which crusher should have at least 2 defensive buildings before it, Now you will drop the Giants will archer, Giants target the defensive buildings first so they will go for the defensive buildings before they go for the crusher.

Archers will take care of other buildings and archers will reach the crusher before the giants.

Now the timing is very important in this strategy, if your giants get to the crusher before the archers, they will die. So you will have to take care of them.



3) 3rd strategy is “Slow down Giants” in this strategy you will go straight for the crushers as this is an offensive strategy, you will eliminate the threat first then go for other buildings.

In this strategy, we use the giants with archers in the form of a death squad.

Death squad has 2 archers and 1 giant. Now usually crusher take the 3.5 seconds to strike after the first hit, in this technique we use that 3.5 seconds window in which giant will act as a cover for archers to get closer to the crusher and destroy it.

Usually, one death squad is enough, and after that, you can start your attack properly.


4) The last strategy is to ignore the crusher, I know this sounds weird but some bases are designed so perfectly that we can’t destroy the crusher, and if you try you will end up having no stars.

So in this strategy, we make a plan in which we can do the maximum damage to the opponent before our giants face the crusher.

Now don’t think that this strategy is useless, sometimes this strategy works in a way that when giants are crushed by the crusher, they eliminate the all potential threats and your archers can deal with other defenses.

This strategy should be used as a last resort.




These are best 4 ways by which you can deal with the crusher. Crusher is a very deadly defense, and sometimes you can easily destroy it with snipping, but sometimes it is difficult to encounter it.

The techniques mentioned above can handle all situation and can guide you when you attack.

Now when you attack you can quickly think of using these strategies and I would also recommend you to ensure that you have planned for crusher when planning if you want to get the 3 stars for you. Experience and practice can make you perfect.

Do let me know what strategies you use to take care of crusher in the comment section.


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