Battle Machine Attacking Strategies – CoC Builder Base

Battle Machine Attacking Strategies – CoC Builder Base

Builder Base is the new update of the clash of clans, so far clashers are loving it. As our beloved builder himself run the base and also participate in the war through his battle machine, I will tell you how to fight with the battle machine and what battle machine is attacking strategies you can use to get 3 stars in the battle.


Well, Battle Machine is powerful Hero, and it can be used several ways depending on the way you use. At builder hall 5 you can unlock the Battle Machine, and it will go to max 30 levels, but for now, it is limited to level 10.

With different upgrades, your battle machine will get the high hitpoints, and its damage per hit will also increase.

The max hit points so far for the battle machine are 4,196, and max damage per hit is 176.4.


Battle Machine is a Melee unit, but it is versatile also. You can use it as a tank for other troops or you can use it as terminator and can use for cleaning the base after your main attack.

Just to give some perspective on how strong Battle machine is, having a battle machine in the field is like having 2 giants and 3 archers.

The battle machine also has an ability known as an electric hammer which unlocks when you upgrade you battle machine to the level 5.

Electric hammers ability is awesome it will heal you 800 hit points that are about 20% of the total health and increase battle machine damage done by 250% for the next 3 hits. So if you use this ability wisely and timely, you will surely get benefit from it.

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The only downside is that it will recharge for 14 seconds to use again unlike the rage of the king in town hall which can be used once in an attack.

The best thing about the electric hammer ability is healing so it’s good to use the ability as soon as you can because it will be available to use again after 14 seconds.


Now you know the strength of the battle machine now let’s start with the attacking strategies of the battle machine.

These Strategies are THE BEST attacking strategies you can use with your battle machine, in these strategies I will assume that you have already unlocked the Battle machine.


1) Using Battle Machine with Archers

Using Battle Machine with Archers, I have seen top players who use archers with the battle machine to get the 3 stars.

Archers are fast, and they can destroy buildings swiftly and help the movement of the battle machine. The battle machine doesn’t have a favorite target like other troops so it will go in and destroy each and everything.

The battle machine will also serve as a tank for your troops. Keep in mind that the battle machine is the only tank for your troops, so make sure that all the spotlights should hit the battle machine, not archers.

Only weak point in this formation is that this formation is vulnerable to giant bombs and multi mortar. So make your plan to destroy the multi mortar and take care of giant bomb.

If you execute your attack with proper planning, then you can easily get three stars with this formation.


2) Using Battle Machine with Night Witches and Minions

Using Battle Machine with Night Witches and Minions, This strategy is also very effective and we have shared the detailed strategy in our Attacking strategies for builder hall 7 posts. Long story short, we use the Minions to cover the spawned bats.


3) Using Battle Machine with Night Witches

Using Battle Machine with Night Witches. Night Witches are good but their ability to spawn bats is awesome so we use the night witches with the battle machine to get the 3 stars.

This strategy is pretty effective and we have shared many night witch and battle machine strategies in our “Win versus Battles Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – Night Witches” Post.



These are the best strategies for the battle machine, and you can use many other troops with the battle machine. The battle machine is versatile, and you can use it any way you want.

So do let us know which troops you use with your battle machine in the comment section.

Also, visit our website for best-attacking strategies and awesome builder base/ Townhall layouts.


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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