Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 4 In Clash Of Clans

Builder hall has the versus battle mode which is different from town hall battles. If you are looking for the best attacking strategies for builder hall level 4 you are in the right place.

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I will tell you some basic rules and attacking strategies for builder hall 4.


When you reach the level 4, you will unlock some good defenses and troop levels. You also unlock the air bombs which are very dangerous for baby dragons and beta minions.

So before I start with the attacking strategies, let me tell you some basic things to do on reaching builder hall 4

  • Unlock your 4 army camp as soon as possible as will give more strength to your army by accommodating more troops.
  • Unlock the ability of baby dragons by upgrading them to the level 7 or higher.
  • Upgrade your boxer giants to the level 8.

Upgrading the troops will take time, but it will also make sure that you win the battles in the future in builder hall level 4.

Now if you have read our guide for attacking strategies for builder hall 3, you will know the basic rules. At level 4, rules are same, but the things have added to the list.

  • Never spam your troops.
  • Always make a plan before attacking any base.
  • Always look out for giant bombs and traps which can disturb your formation like if you are using the giant as a tank, then push trap can push your giants to the back and expose your archers or beta minion to the defenses.
  • Always make a plan for air bombs and firecrackers. Air bombs are more dangerous so your primary focus should be to destroy the air bombs.


Now you know the basic general rules for the builder hall 4. Following are the attacking strategies which you can use to win the battles in level 4


1) GArch

“GArch” is the standard formation consist of Giants and Archers. In level 4, we have stronger giants which can help us penetrate into the base.

Now at level 4, the enemy of giants which is Crusher also get an upgrade which means it will cause more damage to your giants. So when you plan your attack with the “GArch” formation, you will have to make a plan to get rid of the crusher.

Yes, there are players in builder hall who ignore the importance of crusher and place it at the end or outside the wall, if you came across such base, take out the crusher with the help of archers.

If the crusher is at the side, then make your plan to get your giants near the neighboring defense of crusher as giants will get the attention of all defenses and give the opportunity to sneaky archers to take out the crusher.

I know it is the ideal scenario but trust me practice will make it perfect. The other option is to go to the opposite side, if you can’t get closer to the crusher, you can go the opposite side which will avoid the funneling base.

It will give time to your army to give the max damage to opponent base before encountering the crusher.



2) dragons+

Another effective formation is to use the “dragons+” which is very powerful formation. As you have upgraded the dragons and unlocked the ability which can give you an edge in the battles.

The dragons have the special ability known as tantrum which give 80% – 100% more damage. So before starting the attack, you need to plan to terminate the air bombs first.

If the air bomb is placed on the side, you can place the dragons at a distance so that they could use their ability. Once you have destroyed the air bombs, you can place the baby dragons at 360 degrees.

Baby Dragons only use their ability when there is no air unit around, so it is important to place them at a distance. This strategy guarantees you 3 stars if you take care of air bombs.



You can also use other combinations to make your own battle formation. Do let us know which formation you use at builder hall 4 in the comment section.


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