Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 6 – Clash Of Clans

Builder hall has a total of 8 levels, and you have reached the 3rd last level. Welcome to the league of finest players in builder base.

At level 6, you will encounter some brilliant players with awesome attacking strategies; you will learn a lot from these players. I will tell you the attacking strategies which can win you battles at level 6.

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When you reach the Builder hall level 6, you will unlock the new levels and special defenses to encounter the special troops. So here is the To-Do list for builder hall 6

  • Unlock your roaster as soon as possible, because you will be encountering new troops like Night Witch which are very effective so you will need the roaster to encounter them.
  • Upgrade your baby dragons as soon as possible.
  • Upgrade your battle machine.
  • Upgrade your other troops which you use in your battle formations.
  • Re-Design your base.


At level 6 your army will face some serious resistance from your opponent base, but you will also have the upgraded troops to help you win the battles.

Following is the list of general rules you should follow while planning and executing your attacks

  • Never Spam your normal troops except Night Witches.
  • Always clear your way to the main squad using some secondary troops or using tanks.
  • Multi Mortars and roasters are effective against your ground troops so make sure to check them in your plan.
  • Air Bombs and firecrackers are effective against your air troops.


At level 6, you should have the upgraded troops. If you don’t have the strong troops, you won’t be able to stand against the opponent’s defenses. Following are the best strategies to use at builder hall 6.


1) Battle Machine with Night Witches

“Battle Machine with Night Witches” Night witches are very powerful as they spawn bats. The battle machine in this formation have dual roles, it will act as a tank, and it will destroy the primary targets.

As you have the strong battle machine, you will use the electric hammer ability to achieve your target. Eclectic hammer ability is very handy, and it can be used multiple time during the raid.

It will give the 20% boost in healing the health of your battle machine, and it will also give the high damage to defenses.

You will start the formation by placing the battle machine at one corner to make sure that there is no trap at the corner and clear the way for the Night Witches.

The idea behind placing the troops at the corner is to get the full benefit of night witch’s bat spawn ability.

Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 6


This strategy is very easy yet very effective. All you have to make sure that your witches stay behind the Battle Machine.

Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 6


You can easily get 3 stars using this formation, even if everything goes north there is a possibility that you can get 2 stars.

Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 6


2) Battle Machine with Night Witches & Baby Dragons

“Battle Machine with Night Witches & Baby Dragons” this formation is also very effective as in this formation you will not solely depend on the night witches.

This formation is flexible as you have the choice to start the attack from one corner or start the attack from the multiple corners.

Starting attack from the multiple corners will enable the baby dragons to use their tantrum ability. Baby dragons with night witches are very effective. In this formation, you will need to take care of air bombs, multi mortars, and roasters.

You will start the attack by placing the night witches at the corner of the base followed by the Battle Machine. We are using night witches to help the battle machine destroying the air defenses.

Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 6


Once you destroy the air defenses you will place the dragons. You can either place them one by one to use their tantrum ability or you can use them together as the main threat which is air defenses are gone.

Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 6



3) Battle Machine with Archers

“Battle Machine with Archers” is another powerful strategy which is widely used in high-level builder halls. You will start the attack by snipping the outer buildings, once they are destroyed you can easily funnel your battle machine into the core of the base.

Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 6


Once the outer buildings are destroyed, place the archers in small death squads. If you place them together, there are chances that they may be hit by mortars. So play safe and place the archers in the form of death squads. Don’t forget to use the “Electric Hammer” Ability to keep your battle machine alive.

Attacking Strategies For Builder Hall 6



You can also use the formations like “Battle machine with cannon carts” and “Giants with Night Witches” at builder hall 6. Please let us know what you think about these attacking strategies in the comment section.


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