Archer Queen Guide Clash Of Clans

Archer Queen is the 2nd hero you unlock in a clash of the clan and she is damage specialist. In this guide, I will tell you the strategies which you can use to make Archer queen more effective.

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Archer Queen is one of the 3 heroes in a clash of clans. Barbarian king is “tank specialist”, Grand Warden is “support specialist” and Archer Queen is “Damage specialist”. You can unlock the queen at Townhall Level 9.


Ways to use the Archer Queen

Archer Queen is a damage specialist and its ability to snipe the buildings within 5 tile distance make her very effective.


1) Archer Queen with Battle Squad

Archer Queen with Battle Squad is the most effective way of using Archer Queen. Archer queen works best with almost every type of ground attacks and having Archer queen in the battle squad is a huge benefit.

You can use the “Royal Cloak Ability” anytime you want in this way you will summon up to 14 archers which will help the queen in destroying the building.


2) Archer Queen & Barbarian King with Goblin Knife

Archer Queen & Barbarian King with Goblin Knife is a very popular farming strategy. In this strategy, we use the barbarian king as tank and archer queen as support with the aim to get the goblins near the resource storages.


3) Queen walk

Queen walk is another strategy which is very effective if you have powerful Archer queen and healers.

In this strategy, you use the few healers with Archer queen and if the opponent is not capable to handle the archer queen then you can easily get one star using this approach.

Using Royal cloak ability will boost the chances of giving maximum damage to your opponent.


4) Archer Queen with Barbarian king

Archer Queen with Barbarian king is another strategy but it is not that effective and you should only use it if you use the air attacks.

In this strategy, we use the Barbarian king with Archer to give some damage to opponent base or achieve specific targets like destroying the archer queen or air defense in the vicinity.



When to use the Royal Cloak Ability

There is no hard and fast rule for using the Queen’s ability. Royal cloak ability summon up to 14 archers and heal the archer queen so your goal should be to keep the queen alive and get the full benefit of it.

If any of these defenses are targeting Archer queen then you should activate the Royal Cloak Ability.

  • Inferno towers
  • X-Bows
  • Eagle Artillery



Archer Queen and Barbarian king are the important heroes and their presence increase your chances of winning the battles but their up gradation is also very important.

Once you upgrade your queen to level 30+ you will see the real ability of the queen so keep upgrading her.

You can use the “book of heroes” magic item to instantly upgrade your Archer Queen or any other hero. If you need more details on how to get the magic items you can read the relevant article on our website.

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