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Torque Drift MOD APK – Unlimited Money 1.2.47


Torque Drift MOD APK is a racing video game developed and published by League of Monkey. League of Monkey is a famous video game developing company which specializes in developing racing video games and their previous video game Torque Burnout was a huge Hit.

Torque Drift MOD APK is another big hit by League of monkeys and we got our hands on the video game and it was fun to play. The gameplay of Torque Drift (Unreleased) is pretty similar to other racing video game, however, league of monkey included the drift mechanism in the game which looks and feel very realistic.

The gameplay includes the tournaments where you can create your own tournament or you can compete in other tournaments.

In the tournament, you will be competing against another player in real time and winning player will progress in the tournament. The gameplay also includes the Tasks which you can complete to earn high rewards to customize your cars.

Speaking of customization, Torque Drift (Unreleased) comes with tons of options to fully customize your cards, you can tune your car to be faster or tune to improve the controls of the car. Similarly, you can do the paint job and use the real branded sponsors on your car.

You can also buy the body parts of your car from the shop and use them to upgrade the performance of your car. The game also includes the Replay mode where you can see the replays of your recent matches and learn from the mistakes you made during the race.

The graphics of the game are top notch, it easily matches the graphics level of Asphalt 8 and other popular racing video games.

The other highlight about the graphics is the animation, the game has excellent drift animation and even when cars collide with each other, they look realistic.

The Controls are also very simple, you have a couple of buttons on left side to control the direction of vehicle and couple of buttons on the right side of the screen to control the drifting and speed of your vehicle.

Overall, Torque Drift MOD APK (Unreleased) offers complete drifting experience without any compromise. We recommend it.

Mod Includes: Unlimited Money

Game Version: 1.2.47

PlayStore LinkTorque Drift 

Credits: NA

Installs: 5,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play


Download Torque Drift MOD APK



Torque Drift mod apk

Torque Drift mod apk

Torque Drift mod apk


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