Super Brawl Universe MOD APK (Unlimited Slime/Gems) 2.01

There is a MOD APK is also which will give you 2525266 REWARD from the chest. You can install that or use the game guardian method.

The game is not available in all countries, it has just been soft launched so download the APK and OBB I have provided below.



Super Brawl Universe MOD is an upcoming Android Action game published by Nickelodeon. If you are a fan Nickelodeon cartoons then you will love this game.

You will play as all the characters from the Nickelodeon in this Action game, there are many features in the game. You have a story mode in the game, clan fights and also PVP fights.

You can unlock characters in the game by opening chests that you can win from completing chapters in story mode or fighting in the PVP battle.

Once you have enough cards of the same character you can upgrade them to make them more powerful.

To upgrade your characters you will need slime, with the help of Game Guardian you can have Unlimited Slime in the game. It is also possible to MOD the gems in the game but it kinda tricky.

The game is very addicting and has tons of things to do. You will really enjoy it.

You will need to have Android version 4.4 or higher to run the game, or else the apk won’t install. If you are looking for a new Action game then Download Super Brawl Universe APK MOD free today.

Mod Includes: Unlimited Slime Hack AND GEMS using Game Guardian

If you are familiar with game guardian then all you have to do to get Unlimited Slime is to change the value of slime then GO TO the section where you can upgrade your characters and then select to level up your character and you will notice your slime number change to the amount you had kept in game guardian. WATCH TUTORIAL BELOW

How to Hack Gems In Super Brawl Universe

What you have to do is clear game data if you have started playing the game then begin the from the start, now once you are done with the tutorial just play the first story mode, and search for the value of gems that you have then keep playing the story mode and do not search for the gems again until you beat the last boss and gain the chests and like 2 gems, now once you defeat the boss you will get the option to “open chests” and you will be brought to the screen where you can open chests.

Now again search for the value of gems you have but click on “REFINE” in Game Guardian, then you will have only a few results left

Do not change the value of gems yet, instead now open the free chest that you earned and once you have opened the chest THEN change the value of gems to your desired one, and OPEN the chest that requires gems and your gem value will change to the one you had set. WATCH TUTORIAL BELOW

Game Version: 2.01

PlayStore LinkSuper Brawl Universe

Credits: Tomzpot

Installs: 1,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Put the OBB folder inside Android/Obb folder on your Android device storage then install the APK and play.

Super Brawl Universe APK MO

Super Brawl Universe OBB ZIP


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