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Return to Planet X MOD APK

Return to Planet X MOD is an action-adventure video game developed & published by Butterflyware Studios. It is available on both Android and IOS and it is available for $9.99. It takes its inspiration from the likes of Doom and Half-Life so you will see the resemblance of these popular action games in Return to Planet X.

In the game, your main objective will be to locate and explore the crashed UFO and in your journey, you will face a variety of Aliens which will stop from achieving your objectives.

The gameplay revolves around the locating and exploring crashed UFO so you will be killing a lot of aliens. Aliens also have variety, you will be killing Alien Fly, MeezorMox, OzorMox and Reaper Splitter.

The environment is also semi-open so if you want you can wander around and get acquainted with the mysterious environment. As it is an action adventure game, you get the variety of guns including laser guns, grenades, explosives, machine guns, and even flamethrower to terminate the hostile aliens.

The controls are also very intuitive, you get the set of buttons on the right side of the screen which is used to perform the tasks like lighting up the torch etc. Graphics of Return to Planet X are top notch, the environment has great attention to details.

The environment also has a special sound which complements the theme of the game. As the game is designed on an alien planet, you play the game in the dark and you can only see things around you with the torch.

The combat is also more on the realistic side when you fire the weapons you feel the proper recoil just like an original gun which makes the combat experience more realistic. Alien bugs are also not easy to kill, you will have to shot them twice to kill so overall difficulty level is also high to challenge your combat skills and keep you engage in the game.

If you are looking for a solid space traveling action-adventure video game then Return to Planet X is for you.

Mod Includes: Unlimited Health/GOD MODE

Consider buying if you like the game.

Game Version0.9.3.21

PlayStore LinkReturn to Planet X

Credits: NA

Installs: 10+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download Return to Planet X APK MOD


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