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Prey Day Survival MOD APK 1.61

Hey Gamers, How about a fun, thrilling, action-packed Multiplayer Zombie Shooter RPG Game to keep you captive in the world of Zombies or walking dead’s for hours, lets us dive deep into the game and find out. Prey Day MOD is basically a Zombie Survival RPG game where everyone is fighting and finding strategies to survive in the Zombie world.

The Developer – Pragmatix has done an intelligent work in the game development in terms of storyline and graphics.

This game is relatively new to the play sore with approximately 500 Thousand Downloads and managed to gather over 20,000 reviews so far with an average rating of 4.2 Star with regards to Gameplay, Graphics, and Controls. The developers are doing an excellent job in constantly updating the game at periodic intervals.

The game takes you on a ride ahead of time and take you to the year of 2033, where due to an outbreak of a deadly disease caused by a mysterious virus named the Deadly Plague, the majority of the world’s population got killed, but what happened is the dead’s started turning into immortal zombies.

Prey Day Survival MOD APK

There are few who are the survival from this deadly disease and you are on the action pack mission to shoot and kill as many Zombies as you can, so you need to join Clans and start killing the Zombies by exploring the zombie territories, using all your military strategies so that you and your team survive in the dead zone by fighting and killing all the walking Zombies.

While playing the game, you will find your enemies are holding knives ready to push it into your back at any moment. Be Careful when you are alone against an army of the zombies in this online action survival strategy game with RPG elements where the main goal is to survive no matter what happens, Kill the zombies, the mutants, and other enemies, or you will die, so it’s a matter of survival.

You will find that a wide range of crafts and you can create Fortifications and Traps to protect Strongholds, keep on upgrading weapons, armor and make tools and weapons to kill zombies.

Prey Day Survival MOD APK

Keep on exploring the whole city blocks, supermarkets, hospitals and military bases which are filled with the survivals. Keep an eye to find valuable resources or take them by force as you require them mandatory to craft and survive in this game.

Mod Includes:

  • Unlocked MAPS and Constructions

PlayStore Link: Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie

Game Version: 1.61

Installs: 500,000+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Extract the OBB ZIP file inside the Android / Obb folder then install the APK and PLAY

Download Prey Day Survival APK MOD + OBB


Prey Day Survival MOD

Prey Day Survival MOD APK

I kept on playing MOD Prey Day Survival for past one week and I got deeply involved with the game and I must admit that I find the role-playing concept phenomenal and interesting.

The game has further options to play in both single and multi-player mode and you have all the resources to craft your own armor and weapons in order to defend yourself from zombies, monsters and other real players to stay alive in an apocalyptic environment.

What a sensational feeling when I kept on playing the game for hours and I can’t move off my place, I got myself captivated by the gameplay.

The cool feature about Prey Day Survival in comparison to other similar survival Android games is mainly the Clans option, where you can make your own clan after you reach a certain level and amount of available resources, otherwise, you can join one that is already created and available inside the game.

Please remember that in this game making alliances are of utmost importance because some quests require this and it becomes much easier to survive the zombocalypse. With other clan members, the player has the options to trade inside a clan.

Without any second thought I must firmly say that for a mobile game, Prey Day Survival is extremely fun and engaging as it will require your whole attention to be able to loot, craft, farm as well as to survive and you will be on constant alert for possible unknown threats to keep your pulse beating fast.

So, Guys get ready for this amazing game filled with zombies and Download now on Play Store, keep playing and enjoy.


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