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Download Pokemon Duel MOD APK 6.2.10


Pokemon Duel MOD APK is a Strategy board game developed by Heroz and published by the Pokémon Company. Pokemon Duel APK belongs to the famous gaming franchise the Pokémon, so Pokémon Due MOD APK l has all the legendary Pokémons in the game and each Pokémon have its own unique ability and power.

The gameplay of Pokemon Duel HACK APK is very simple yet it has great depth which makes the game very interesting to play.

In the game, you can have 6 Pokémons and your opponent will also have the 6 Pokémons and you will play in a board with the goal to reach the goal point on the opponent’s side and whoever reaches first will win the match.

The game has the roulette-type wheel which selects the move you will take and it has several colors which figure out the outcome of the match and each color have its own effect.

For example, the purple move can beat the white moves but lose to red moves. Similarly, red moves can beat all moves but have no effect of its own.

Pokémon Duel’s gameplay also has the Plates mechanism which are additional effects which players can invoke during the battles to turn the tide on their side.

There are basically 4 basic categories: attack, healing, spin, and movement.  Each Category contains the unique additional moves which can help you win the battle.

Overall Graphics of the game is top-notch and each character is designed with perfection and look exactly similar to original Pokémon characters.

There is a huge variety of Pokémons in the game which can be upgraded with the experience gained from the Pokémon battles. As you will increase the level of Pokémon, you will have also increase the size of that particular Pokémon’s move on the roulette wheel.

You can also evolve the Pokémons during the battle into the more powerful level. If you are into Board games and looking for a good Board game then Pokemon Duel MOD APK is for you.

Mod Includes: PokePower and MP

Game Version: 6.2.10

PlayStore Link: Pokémon Duel

Credits: NA

Installs: 10,000,000+

How To Install: Download the apk from the link below, install it and play

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Download Pokemon Duel MOD APK